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10 signs to check if you are ready for union

As a divine feminine you may think that you have done everything in your power and are now ready for union. Perhaps you are completely done with the waiting.

How do you know if you really are ready? You are ready if you and your twin flame are on the same page about your relationship. If not – then you are not ready (yet).

You and your twin soul are one. So when you are ready, your twin soul will mirror this directly back to you. Sometimes your twin soul will come back into your life to see if you are ready. If not, they walk away again for a while, but they will always come back! That is a characteristic of your twin soul connection. Your twin will always come back to you. Why not make sure your twin soul comes and stays! This is the purpose of Twin Soul School. To help you to get ready to be and STAY in a happy and healthy relationship with your twin flame.

In this post I will give you 10 things to get yourself ready.

If you think you’ve done everything, there’s a good chance that you are wondering why your twin soul hasn’t chosen you yet. Perhaps you are asking yourself one of these questions:

  • … am I dealing with a karmic twin, because otherwise my twin flame would already have chosen me, right?
  • … what am I doing wrong? Maybe I use the wrong affirmations or do I have a block.
  • … when will my twin soul come back to me?

Now think for a moment. Are any of these phrases or similar ones repeating in your head? If so, that’s okay. I’ve asked myself these questions many times too. I thought I was ready for a relationship with my twin soul prematurely and that I had done everything I could to get into union.

I had done several things to prepare, for instance:

  1. I healed my past, I developed: the heal your past method to heal emotional triggers without a coach in a profound but manageable way.
  2. I developed a stronger sense of self-love and wrote a book about self love and charisma.
  3. I learned to love myself unconditionally and even made a theater show about it.
  4. I had learned a lot about twin flame connection, how the connection works and I had released my urge to contact my twin soul.

But… I kept asking the question: Why doesn’t my twin flame choose me?  
THAT was exactly the reason why my twin flame didn’t choose me, because this sentence was my affirmation. Affirmations are just sentences. If you repeat sentences in your head, then your thoughts harden into facts. In this case; my affirmation was… : I know you love me, but why don’t you choose me. My twin flame admitted that he loved me, but found myriad excuses not to commit to me at that moment. The divine masculines of my students also give them reasons such as:

  • I am already in a relationship
  • I want to focus on my work, sports, children
  • I want to keep my freedom
  • I think you deserve someone better than me
  • I think we are too different

Whatever your twin flame is telling you. It’s not the real reason on a spiritual level. In real life you and your twin flame can think and believe it’s true. The real reason is that if your twin flame is not ready yet, that’s because YOU are not ready yet. You and your twin flame are already one. You have to learn that there is NO separation. If your twin flame is not ready, neither of you are ready yet.

If your twin flame is not ready yet, then
YOU are not ready yet.

Lorraine Vesterink

The good thing is…: You CAN do something to get ready and your Divine Masculine will follow you directly. Let me give you 10 suggestions you can do right now to get ready. You can also use this list to check if you have already done all the things!

  1. Heal your past and release your old stories
  2. Develop self love and unconditional love
  3. Learn more about the twin flame connection
  4. Work on your personal growth and self-improvement
  5. Improve your communication: Do you know how to communicatie your thoughts and feelings effectively and openly with your twin flame? Are you willing to listen and understand their perspective? Can you communicate on a soul level with them?
  6. Show commitment: Are you really willing to commit to a long-term relationship with your twin flame? Are you willing to work through challenges and obstacles that may arise? Are you willing to show commitment and learn more about yourself and the journey?
  7. Find common values, interests, and goals with your twin flame. What kind of things can you do right now that you both enjoy?
  8. Be available: Are both you and your twin flame ready and available for a committed relationship?
  9. Be emotionally and mentally stable and prepared for the challenges that may arise in a relationship?
  10. Gaining awareness: Are you aware of your own emotional and mental state? Do you have a healthy mindset? Are you a Master Manifestor?

Once you have done all of those, maybe the final piece of the puzzle is learning more about the last one: the power of your awareness. On my journey this was the missing link, even though I already manifested many great things in my life.

There are different ways to become a conscious creator. The last video was about why you can easily manifest your twin flame and I gave you 3 powerful affirmations. It’s a 40 minute live session and I will post the link below in case you missed it. You can also start by reading the article why you can easily manifest your twin flame union here.

When I started ‘HappyWriting’, I manifested my twin flame back into my life in 2019. HappyWriting is, just like affirming, also a manifestation tool that can be helpful to manifest your twin flame union. Happy writing is writing down your affirmations out of gratitude as if it is already true and done. It only took me four months from no contact to union. One of our coaches only needed three months! Maybe this even sounds long in your opinion. But I have read stories of people who have been on the journey for so many years and still aren’t together. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. It takes as much time as you need to be ready and there is no judgement, except maybe your own judgement. Twin soul school is here to help you to get your union faster and easier.

Let me give you one small example of HappyWriting: You can affirm:
? “I am so happy and grateful that we are going on a trip together.”
Write it down in the language that resonates the most. You can write it down below the video to give it extra power and send it out into the universe. After you have written the sentence down, I have three questions for you.

  1. How does it feel in your body?
  2. What thoughts come to your mind.
  3. What do you experience on a soul level if you write this down?

The relationship with your twin flame should NOT be the basis of your happiness,
but the bonus in your wonderful life.”

Lorraine Vesterink

Ultimately, only you can determine if you are ready for a relationship with your twin flame. If you feel that you are ready for union and that you have done everything, my best tip is to become a master manifestor. Don’t become a master manifestor only to create union with your twin flame. The relationship with your twin flame should NOT be the basis of your happiness, but the bonus in your wonderful life.

Send you love,
Lorraine Vesterink

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