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Our Story

‘Getting together with your twin soul is possible.

Twin Soul Journey:
My Story of Love and Discovery

Twin souls. I had never heard of it before. Totdat ik de man tegenkwam waar ik drie lange jaren elke dag aan had gedacht na een kortstondige fase van verliefdheid in 2014.


To my surprise, he told me during a walk that he had the same feelings. Fear stopped him from taking action. Curiosity led me to an online search through what he had shared with me. I immediately stumbled across the ‘concept’ of twin souls.

A wave of relief flooded me. Finally the clarity I had so longed for.

The stages of the twin soul journey illuminated the uncertainty we had not been able to fathom on our own.

For three transformative years, starting with immense soul pain, I embarked on a path of healing, breaking patterns and nurturing self-love from within. Finally I was ready for union with my twin soul, at least I thought I was….

However, it took another two years before we officially entered into a relationship. Although I did expect that one day we would come together in this life, the moment overwhelmed me. Especially since he was at my doorstep during the full twin soul moon of 11/12 November. A month later, on 12-12, we entered into an official relationship.

My personal twin soul journey was full of challenges, perseverance and moments of loneliness. That’s why I now help other twin souls come together faster with more ease, flow and even fun. With my extensive background as a mindset coach since 2007, I intend to make a valuable contribution on their path

Because we have been together for almost four years now and my experience as a twin soul teacher, I have developed a keen eye to identify obstacles (holding back union). My goal is to help twin souls come together AND stay together globally.

Lorraine Vesterink has been the expert when it comes to twin souls since 2018.She took training nationally and internationally for this.She now inspires tens of thousands of twin souls through Twin Soul School and well-reviewed YouTube channel.

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Love, Lorraine

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