We hebben ontdekt dat je misschien een andere taal spreekt.

Wil je veranderen in:

*Sluit af en wissel niet van taal.


The twin soul journey is an intense one. We are on it ourselves. The upside is – from now on it will only get easier. Of course with ups & downs, but you learn to deal with it better and better. Twin soul School will gladly and lovingly help you with this. Here is an overview of where and how to go with your questions.


Do you have questions about your journey? You can ask them daily in the new Twin Soul Q&A App. You can purchase this app if you follow at least 1 quarter with 12 twin soul webinars.

With YEAR 1 (This is how you get together me tje twin soul), you get the app for a year as a gift! This seems long, but it flies by and in this way you show commitment to your journey and therefore to yourself.

When you purchase YEAR 2 NOW (How to Stay in Unconditional Love) you get 50% off the app.

At YEAR 3 (This is how you live your soul mission in abundance) 3 you no longer get a discount on the app, because YEAR 3 is already very inexpensive.

You can also do first separate modules. Then start at Module 1 Balance Sheet. If you have taken 3 separate modules or 1 quarter, you can still switch to YEAR 1 at a discount.

1 to 1 Contact

Want to talk 1-on-1 with someone because you are stuck and checking your affirmations? Then book a Twin Talk with one of our coaches already in union. If you want guided healing of your past or a customized step-by-step plan, book a 1-on-1 healing/coaching.

YEAR 1 students can book an Emergency Quarter with Lorraine. If you would like to meet Lorraine in a small group, come to the Twin Soul Clearing Day at Lorraine’s house in the woods.

Sometimes the journey can feel lonely. It may be fine to share something funny, special characters, or coincidences. In the Twin Soul app, you can share your daily “adventures,” successes and signs & synchronicities with other positive twin souls. Or maybe you need a twin soul mate. On the Twin Soul Forum and in the Twin Soul App, you can put out a call for a buddy that fits the stage you are in right now.

Success Stories

We love success stories! You can always email us those in detail! Your story is valuable because it contributes to bringing more twin souls together, which is our mission. Please let us know which video, webinar, affirmation or meditation was the deciding factor. You can do so through this contact form. Thank you for sharing!You want to share something

Anything else?

Do you have another question, comment, tip or compliment? Then please fill out the form below.Keep in mind that we receive a lot of mails and do not always manage to respond (immediately). Thank you for your understanding.

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