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Why manifesting union with your twin flame is easy?
I believe wholeheartedly that manifesting union with your twin flame is easy! I’ve done it, I’ve seen it, so I know it’s doable. You can manifest union with your twin flame. Why this is possible and how it can also be easy for you, I will explain in this article.

I will also give you some powerful affirmations that might help you to create your union, if that’s your true desire. Affirmations are a powerful tool to shift your mindset and focus your energy on your desires. Your body, mind and soul are connected, so If you shift your mindset and focus your energy on what you truly desire this does influence your twin soul connection.
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Some people believe they can manifest anything they want, except for a relationship with their twin flame. I do understand where this is coming from. There is so much fear that you can’t get together with your twin flame and in order to protect oneself from disappointments people can convince themselves that this is actually true.

In my opinion this is a limiting and fear-based belief. Why would you be able to manifest everything except for that one thing that you truly desire? I think it’s time to release old-fashioned beliefs based on fear and welcome new loving thoughts. You are a manifester and you can manifest everything – so of course – you can manifest a relationship with your soulmate and naturally with your twin flame. If you get rid of your fears, manifesting union is the easiest thing to manifest, because you and your twin flame share the same consciousness and you share the same soul. Your twin flame will always mirror your thoughts and beliefs immediately back to you. That’s why you can change your connection today! So if you think you have messed up, don’t you worry, you will always get a second chance with your twin flame.

“You can manifest everything – so of course – you can
manifest a relationship with your twin flame.”

Lorraine Vesterink

As a human being you have the power to control your own thoughts. This makes us all manifestors. We are free to think whatever we want. Our thoughts create our reality and we are free to manifest whatever we desire. This is free will. I think we are here on earth to discover and explore the power of our awareness. It doesn’t matter what type of mindset you have right now, because you can change a negative mindset into a positive mentality quickly. You are responsible for your own thoughts. You can start creating your union with your twin flame today! You are not hurting your twin flame by manifesting your union. This has nothing to do with manipulation. You are only thinking positively about your future together.

“Manifesting is thinking positive thoughts out of gratitude
as if your desire is already true.”

Lorraine Vesterink

Affirmations always work unless you have opposite thoughts and feelings while you are affirming. Some people tried to manifest their twin flame but without success. They even got the opposite result while affirming. That’s why they might believe that affirming doesn’t work. Affirmations do work, but they cannot do their proper work, if you still have doubts and fears. For instance, if you affirm: “My twin flame and I are in union. He loves me so much and he chose me.” Suppose you think and feel at the same time that what you are affirming is not true at all. Maybe it reinforces the fact that you two aren’t even in touch with each other. Maybe your real thoughts and feelings are: “If I send my twin flame a message, he doesn’t even answer me. I feel so alone and neglected.” In this case your actual affirmation is: “We are not in contact, he doesn’t answer me and I feel alone and neglected.” If this is your actual dominant belief, then your situation will get worse and you can even manifest the opposite.

If you affirm while you have blockages, you can also create partial manifestations and not your happy, harmonious union. For instance you manifest messages or dates with your twin flame, but then your twin flame tells you that he’s not ready for a commitment. Think for a minute, is it possible that you keep repeating the old story? Maybe you are still feeling hurt because your twin flame once left you? Then you might be creating hot and cold behavior because of the fear of disappointment. You also get partial manifestations if you affirm from the middle and not from the end result. So if you only affirm for a message I recommend you to affirm from your end result: the happy and healthy relationship with your twin flame. Messages and dates will be the logical result of affirming from the end.

If you are one of those people who tried to use affirmations but they haven’t worked yet, you should resolve the opposite negative thoughts and feelings! You shouldn’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Get rid of your fears, negative thoughts, and your doubts. Don’t get rid of your affirmations and your power to manifest your true love and anything else you desire to manifest in life.

So let me give you three powerful affirmations.
I’ve put myriad affirmations in my book: how to unite with your twin flame. This is the first book that really helps twin souls to unite. The affirmations helped many twin flames unite in the Netherlands and Belgium. That’s the reason why we want to make it known to the rest of the world, because it is my mission to contribute to as many twin soul unions as possible.

The other day I got a message that my teachings are even translated into Kazakhs! So I send my greetings to all the twin souls in Kazakhstan and to everywhere else you are in the world. I really would like it if you put your affirmation (or something else) in your own language below.

To start with the powerful affirmations, I first ask you to slowly breathe in and out. See your twin flame in front of you. Hear your twin flame say….:

  1. I really love to see you..
  2. I want to be in a relationship with you, because you mean the world to me.
  3. I want to share my life with you…

    After that hear yourself answering… Yes.. I want the same (or something like that).

Then you affirm…

  1. ? My twin flame wants to see me.
  2. ? He/she wants to be in a relationship with me.
  3. ? My twin flame wants to share his/her life with me.

You can even imagine telling the affirmations to a friend or family member. Sometimes this helps to make it more believable for yourself. So you can say… guess what…

  1. My twin flame wants to see me.
  2. He/she wants to be in a relationship with me.
  3. My twin flame wants to share his/her life with me.

If this is too hard for you right now, because you think you are fooling yourself then just start with saying to yourself some lovely words. While expressing those words and seeing related romantic images. You can use words like:

♡ Contact

♡ Relationship

♡ Sharing our lives together

You can also use sentences like…

? I love the thought of being together with my twin flame
? I am open to receive my union or
? I am deserving my twin flame union.

It’s a start to use affirmations, but they will work better and faster if you can do it with decisiveness and from your heart, as if you already have your desire. In the end it’s not only about the affirmations, it is really about what they represent – like your energy and state of mind. It is about knowing with your heart and soul that your twin flame loves you, chose you and will stay with you forever.

It’s important to note that while affirmations can be very helpful, they are just one part of the complete manifestation process of your twin flame union. You can also use visualizations, happy writing and revising. These are manifesting tools that help you to create your union faster and easier. So if you only affirm a couple of times: ‘we are in union… we are in union’ this probably won’t get you into union with your twin flame. Besides that it’s also important to improve your self-love, heal your past and take inspired action towards your end goals. This is exactly the combination that we teach in Twin Soul School. The book also contains this complete method of affirmations, self-love exercises, tips for healing and explanations how to communicate with your twin soul.

If you would like to read the first chapter of my book with affirmations to balance your connection, then stay tuned to this channel. Soon the first chapter with lots of other powerful tips, success stories and affirmations will be available for free. Don’t want to wait? You can book a twin soul talk (available in Dutch and in English). This is a talk with one of our coaches who is already in union. You will receive affirmations based on your personal story of you and your twin flame.

Send you love by Lorraine

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