This Sign Means That Your Twin Flame is Nearly Here!

Welcome to the journey into love and wisdom, dear twin soul (flame). I’ll share 7 signs indicating that your twin soul is nearly here.
The most important sign to watch for is number four, so stay tuned and be patient.

Sign 1: Enjoying the Clues

The universe will give you many hints that your twin flame is near.
If you notice people around you getting together or getting married, and it fills you with joy rather than jealousy.
It’s a clear sign you’re on the right path.
If you’re still feeling down or envious, seeing others in love might feel challenging.
When you genuinely rejoice in their happiness, knowing such love is also meant for you, then you’re aligning yourself with the vibrations of union.

Sign 2: Feeling Inner Satisfaction

True happiness and love begin within ourselves.
If you find yourself content and joyful regardless of external circumstances.
It’s a strong indication your twin flame is almost here.
Let’s cherish this simple moment; as you read this blog, remember that true happiness is crafted from within.

Sign 3: Embracing Your Truth

Standing firm in your truth, especially when surrounded by others who may not understand your journey, is crucial.
Trust in your own voice and the path you’ve chosen.
Remember, I’m engaged to my twin flame and have navigated these very signs myself.
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Sign 4: Staying Strong

Staying committed to love, even when your twin flame seems distant or unresponsive, is vital.
Just before union lots of our students get tested for instance by people showing up from the past!
Maintain faith in your love and the divine timing that guides your union. Guaranteed!!
You have the power to align and Divine Timing will work in your favor!
For more insights, watch my video, “Divine Timing is Divine Aligning,” .
Remember, alignment within yourself influences divine timing.

Sign 5: Finding Peace in Creation and Mission

When you can maintain peace amidst chaos, understanding that your intentions and manifestations hold power, you’re well on your path. This tranquility signals that your spiritual and emotional groundwork is set, paving the way for union.

Sign 6: Focusing on Your Mission

Prioritizing your personal mission and purpose can significantly draw you closer to your twin flame.
Engaging deeply in what drives you reflects readiness for deeper connections and aligns you with your twin flame’s energy.

Sign 7: Trusting Their Awakening

Have faith in your twin flame’s journey of awakening.
As you align with love and trust, prepare for them to do the same.
Once united, you’ll find that both your stories, though different, will weave together into a coherent and loving narrative.

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As we navigate these signs together, remember that finding peace and happiness within ourselves invites our twin flame closer.
Trust the process, believe in the power of love, and prepare yourself for the beautiful union awaiting.
Embrace these signs, and you’ll soon find that the connection with your twin flame is not just a possibility but an inevitable reality.

Thank you for joining me today!
Remember, this journey is as much about personal growth as it is about coming together with your twin flame.
I look forward to continuing this journey with you and hope to see you in my next video.
Until then, stay strong, stay loving, and keep aligning with your highest truth.

Live Love,
Lorraine Vesterink

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