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YEAR 1 – 12. Vitality
  1. How to turn physical ailments (that you get on your journey) into a fit and healthy body.
  2. Softens ascension symptoms by deciding within.
  3. Breathing exercises for greater focus and vitality
  4. Speed up your union by solving what is sabotaging your union.

Bonus webinar

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Vitality Part 1: Nothings lasts forever, only love.

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Nothing in nature always blooms. Neither do we.
Sometimes the light is off for a while. Also with lightworkers.
How do you let your light shine again?

You often get physical ailments on this journey.
How to turn it into and fit and healthy body that can handle this journey with ease.

Every emotion eventually gives off a trigger to your body.
Think of a rash on your face, a bladder infection, a headache or a swollen face or stomach.
You can then sometimes wonder, is this trip right for me when I have all these physical complaints.
How can you turn this into a healthy body and a healthy relationship with yourself (setting boundaries, living your truth, less stress).

To do:
? Build up reserves in your body through the vitamin booster (prevention is better than cure)
? Healing: open yourself to a holistic approach (don’t exclude anything and decide what is good for you).
? Stick to your truth ! Over the next week, practice sticking to your desires (without pushing)
? Affirm: I am safe and I am worth it (plus what you desire).

Remember… nothing lasts forever… (this week’s song). So neither does silence, an illness or whatever it is…. The only thing that lasts is…. LOVE.

11-11 Unconditional Love Webinar (preview year 2)

Vitality part 2: Ascension

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Ascension phenomena … know which ones they are, don’t worry about them, don’t focus on them. They are getting less ! See in twin soul school forum if you can help each other mitigate them. Like a hot bath with magnesium bath salts, soda, essential oils like Calmy, Love & Trusty.

Mir Method…affirmations combined with touch works. Research which ones work for you and do them every day. There will be a list of the twin method with 11 affirmations with touch.

Making decisions is the best method to get and stay in the bubble love phase of your union now. In this webinar, you’ll discover how to make decisions. Be prepared for it to work within a day, or week. You have divine feminine power!!!

To do:
– Taking good care of your vitality. Put it at No. 1.
– Twin method do (follows in forum)
– To do meditation (follows in mail)
– Making decisions (you can also practice with small things)

With Love,

Song of the Week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7rm9t5S4uE

With LoVe,


Vitality part 3: Breathe, take my breath away

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Often we pay little attention to breathing because it comes naturally.
Yet there is more to be gotten from your breathing.
A certain way of breathing brings you closer to yourself, to your peace of mind, to who you really are and thus automatically to your twin soul.

We can go up to 30 days without eating, 3 days without drinking, but from 30 seconds without air, we start gasping for oxygen. At three minutes without air, our brain function declines.
Your life begins with breathing and ends with breathing.
So breathing is even more important for your vitality than drinking and eating.

In this webinar, some went from 18 breaths per minute to 6!
Do this exercise anyway when you are panicked or triggered.
Practice this daily for the next week and become more vital!

To do / tips

  • Breathing exercise with focus on exhaling and attention to 3rd eye chakra
  • Go to that secret place inside and talk to your twin in confidence… Let’s…! Not hoping … but knowing and trusting.
  • Put love and gratitude on your water and drink at least 1 liter of water and additionally 1 liter of green tea eg.
  • Do you have a cold (go steaming with Calmy, Vitally & Boosty). Extra vitamin C, D Zinc
  • Affirm what matters…. e.g. I am important (instead of my twin sends a message)
  • No more checking (social, home, dating sites), because that is testing and not 100% trust
  • Know that you are the divine feminine (nothing or no one can come between you and your dm. You belong together).
  • Watch the video of top gun: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fUis9yny_lI

With love,

Vitality part 4: Let's do it !

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Now let’s declare love to each other.
Let’s make our relationship known now.
Let’s do it.. Let’s fall in love.

Detachment of your twin…it can’t even be….
Accelerate your union by discovering what is sabotaging your union and healing/flipping that.
Do weekly to-do lists. Then you make an energy shift each time (the list is there for a reason;)

To do…
? Complete the sentence… Let’s…. and end with…. Let’s do it. Let’s fall in love

? Choose at least 1 thing that is going to contribute to your health that you are going to do this week (Think about the health affirmations like I have glowing skin, I walk up the stairs with ease, drop the vitally oil, walk every day, 5 cups of green tea a day, turmeric, ginger, cinnamon, raspberries, sardines, lemon juice, celery juice, carrot juice, so on… ) Write down on the forum 2 things you are already doing. And 2 new things you’re going to do.

? Come into the (pre) union energy (if you are not already in it). Release needy energy and feel that union is already there. For example, put on the song Let’s do it… See your twin in front of you… see him thinking about you, missing you, standing with his or her phone in hand and sending you a message. See that you receive the message.

With love and happy weekend !

Let’s do it, even twins do it.. song of the week:

Want to continue Year 2: How to stay in unconditional love.
Featuring 24 unconditional love webinars and meditations to get and stay in union energy.

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