How to Manifest Within 3 DAYS

It’s possible to manifest your desires within three days!
I’m still overwhelmed, but it’s true.
It’s even simple, effective, and achievable. So let’s do it together, right now!

I now know it’s possible within three days, and I’m not the only one.
Many teachers of the Law of Assumption, like Neville Goddard, and of the Law of Attraction, like Abraham Hicks and Louise Hay, also believe it’s possible because they’ve seen it proven so many times!

Many of our twin soul students have proven it as well.
I’m puzzled why not everyone is doing this, but I want to challenge every one to test it for themselves because it can be so wonderful and fun.

Let me give you my secret first step.
The first step is to detach from the one thing that you really desire.
You can test this with the ladder technique I explained in one of my youtube videos.
Many of our students manifested ladders because they had no resistance to it.
Maybe you’ve already manifested the ladder, right?

But now, I want to challenge you to manifest something bigger or really big.
You can manifest small amounts like a thousand euros or even parking spots, but why not go for something you truly love?
Perhaps buying a home together, getting married, or starting a relationship.
Maybe we could book a beautiful travel experience together.
What do you want to manifest? And don’t be modest—aim for the big things.

It’s possible to manifest anything within three days, so why not aim for something significant?
Let’s choose something big right now, and I’ll start with my first secret step.
It might sound counterproductive and a bit weird, but the first step is:
Accepting that if it takes five to ten years to manifest this big thing that I want right now, then that’s okay.
Why? Because I’m fine, healthy, happy, and okay. Nothing bad will happen if it doesn’t manifest today. So, breathe in, breathe out, and relax.

I learned this way of relaxation from Veronica Isles
Maybe you know her; she’s a great teacher and can help you relax more.
So, detach from your desire. It sounds counterproductive, but it truly helps to release resistance.
Only after doing this will you be able to manifest any desire within three days.

I want you to think of a sentence you could say to me
Or type below my Youtube videos or say to your best friends in your own words.
Something like, “Oh my God!” or “Wow, I’m so blessed! I feel so much joy! I’m so happy! I’m so grateful!
Wow, I’m overwhelmed! Oh wow, this is so wonderful, isn’t it?” Choose your own words.
It doesn’t matter exactly what you say; it’s the feeling behind it.
How would you say it, and how would you feel?
Imagine saying,

“I’m together with so-and-so now, and we are so happy. Everyone’s so happy for us, and I feel great. We feel great. We respect each other. We love each other. We are so proud of each other.”

It’s just an example. Now, do it in your own words!

Perhaps say, “I’m so happy that we’re moving in this summer together,” or “I’m so happy that we booked a trip to the mountains together.” Or even, “I’m so happy that my soulmate came to my city, and we went to this beautiful hotel where he declared that I’m the love of his life, the one he’s been waiting for.”

I want you to repeat this for three days, and you can do that in your own way.
I have my own method—I love to use my ‘happy writing’ technique, a form of scripting.
Here’s the link of my module where I explain how I do the Happywriting.
But you can just grab a notebook and write the sentence down like,
“Oh my God, this is so amazing! I just won, $1,000 or $1 million in the lottery!”

You’ve probably manifested many things in your life, many small things.
Now, I want to challenge you to go for the big things.
Regarding my twin soul, I can manifest things quickly because I believe we share the same soul.
Therefore, it’s easier to manifest something because if I want something, and we share the same soul, then he wants it too, right?
So if I decide something, it goes very fast, and also when he decides something, it goes very fast.
Our life is very harmonious and happy because it all flows right.

You can manifest union now!
Some people believe that manifesting things related to their twin flame isn’t possible, and that might come from a place of fear.
It took me many years to get together with my twin soul, but once I had the right technique, it only took a few months.
Watch my new video HERE to hear how that happened!

One of our students followed the Money Mindset Module was so persistent in our money challenge, and though it was a challenge, she was the only one who persisted and now she sold her apartment effortlessly.
Everything flows quickly when things are right.

So, if you persist, you will manifest easily within 3 days.
And what if it takes a week?
Well, then you’ll still be happy, right?
It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t happen within those 3 days, but I say it can even happen today.
Sometimes, I have a coaching call with one of our Complete Guide to Union students, and then they get into a relationship with their twin soul on that very same day. It can happen within 3 days, and if you do it correctly, it will happen.

How does it happen?
By following the first step and also repeating it.
I repeat the affirmation in my own words like, “Oh, it’s so wonderful that this happened,” when I’m cooking, doing the dishes, shopping, or even showering—most of the time, I shower in silence, but if a thought comes up, let it be my mantra, let it be the thing that I focus on.

Now, I challenge you to do this, and it would be really wonderful if you could share this with your friends and family who also want to manifest their beautiful life. You can do the challenge together. Wouldn’t that be great to do it together and make it fun?
Because if you are joking about it, then you bypass the ego mind; there’s no fear when there’s humor.
The universe loves humor, I love humor, and I love to joke about things, and that releases my resistance and helps things come in very fast.

The first secret step is detaching, releasing resistance, accepting that there is a possibility it will take a long, long time, and that you’re still okay. That was step one.

Repeat a sentence in your own words, in your own language, with your own feelings as if you were talking to me or your best friend:
“Whoa, you won’t believe it, this really happened, it actually happened! Woah, isn’t that great? Woo, isn’t that wonderful?
Oh yes, oh yes!”

And then the third step is persisting, and don’t do any other things.
Well, if you want more inspiration, subscribe on our YouTube Channel, share, and follow our twin soul school courses and become a member, would love to see you there!

Much love
Lorraine Vesterink

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