Stop Delaying the Journey towards Twin Soul Union

Our journey to union with our twin soul is often delayed by ourselves.
This is because we focus too much on the current physical, material world.
I’ll give you 5 reasons for the delay and practical solutions.
This will help you to align with union with your twin soul.

If you’re not yet together physically and you constantly feel, think, and talk about separation.
Then you’re creating a future that isn’t meant to be.
Do you really believe that people meet the love of their life only to not end up together?
No! Harmony, Happiness, and Unconditional Love are the goals of life, which I have always believed and still believe.

This belief has led me to union with my twin soul;
We are now engaged and everything about our wedding is going smoothly.
It’s wonderful to plan a wedding with your twin soul.
This can be your experience too if that’s what you want!

Imagine your twin soul choosing you now and saying you were always the one!
Imagine starting a family together, choosing a home, or planning your wedding day.
Imagine traveling together.

How would that feel?
All this is possible for you.
You achieve this by detaching from your current reality (3D).

Learn to be still and let go of all feelings and thoughts about what you think is happening now.
Connect with all the beautiful things as you see them in your future. And now you might think, ‘But isn’t that just fantasy?’

What if I tell you that your fantasy is the precursor to your reality?
And I’m not the only one saying this; many teachers have been saying it for centuries.
You can read and hear about it everywhere. So why is it still so incredibly hard for many of us?”

Why is it hard to stay connected to your twin soul process?

1. Distraction by the material world

We often get caught up in material aspects of life such as career, finances, and social status, which distract us from our feelings, growth, and inner power. We check our financial statements, social media and if we don’t like what we see we can feel stressed.
This doesn’t help to create the life that we love at all!

2. Fear of the unknown:

Many of us fear the deep, intense connection that comes with the twin soul process because it forces us to look inward and heal old wounds. We are used to seeing what’s right in front of us and often aren’t taught to connect with our fantasies, which were dismissed as nonsense.

3. Uncertainty and doubt:

It’s easy and common to doubt the truth, the authenticity of our feelings, or the intentions of our twin soul, especially when the physical reality doesn’t match our expectations. We might think we are crazy or mistaken, but trust me, you are not crazy!!
In fact, you can trust 100% that later you will see that you were right all along about your twin soul’s love for you.

4. Lack of knowledge or guidance:

Many lack access to the right knowledge or mentors who can support them in their journey to union.
You hear conflicting stories and that’s delaying your journey.

5. Negative beliefs and conditioning:

We are often limited by negative beliefs about love and relationships that have been instilled by our culture, upbringing, or past experiences. It’s almost like we are addicted to it.

How can we DETACH from the current physical reality?
How can we connect with our desire future?
How can we speed up our union?

1. Meditation and mindfulness:
Take time each day to be still and meditate.
This helps you release thoughts and feelings anchored in the 3D reality and align with higher spiritual frequencies.
With every module we offer a meditation.
We recommend you to start with Module 1. Balance if you want to unite with your twin soul.
You can also check out our Free Meditations!

2. Visualization exercises:

Use visualization techniques to detail your future life with your twin soul.
This creates a powerful energetic path that can help manifest this reality.
Make it as vivid and real as possible!
If you are not able to visualize because past wounds are standing in the way we recommend our Heal Your Past Method.

3. Research and education:

Read literature and follow teachings on twin souls and manifestation.
Knowledge is power and can help you understand how to navigate your journey.
We offer the Digital Version with 11 chapters of our book How to Unite with your twin soul.

4. Mentorship:

Seek a mentor who has experience with the twin soul process.
Their guidance can be crucial in navigating the challenges that come with this path.
You can book a Twin Soul Talk any moment when you need help!
And If you are a Complete Guide to Union student you can book a call with Lorraine!

5. Affirmations and positive reinforcement:

Use daily affirmations that reinforce your connection with your twin soul and foster positive expectations for your future.
This helps transform negative thought patterns and build a positive mindset. If you want to learn how to write down the affirmations in the right way? Try our Happywriting module!
We share our best affirmations daily in our

A Great Affirmation to Use:
“Every day, I am closer to uniting with my twin soul. I don’t have to worry, because union is inevitable”

A Short Visualization to Feel Great About Union:
Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Picture yourself walking in a beautiful garden.
As you walk, you see your twin soul waiting for you with open arms.
You walk towards them, feeling happy and loved.
You embrace, feeling the warmth and safety of their presence. Hold onto this feeling of joy and love.
Open your eyes when you’re ready.

By following these steps, you can begin to tune into the journey that will lead you to union with your twin soul.
letting go of the current physical world and focusing on a deeper, more fulfilled existence together.
Remember to keep your thoughts positive and your heart open.
Let’s make this journey together, filled with love and happiness.

Live love,
Lorraine Vesterink

Founder of Twin Soul School and Infinirgy Essential Oils





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