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Understand your DM, secrets about twin soul love

If your heart is open to truly understanding the special, rare, and precious twin soul connection, then you are in the right place. Today, we’re going to dive deeper into the secrets of the male twin soul (DM) from our new DM webinar!

This week’s webinar was with my own DM, and he shared things I didn’t even know!
It gave me a huge boost. I feel great, I’m full of energy!

My man (future husband, as he recently proposed…) shared his genuine experiences, feelings, and unexpected insights.
It was an eye-opener! Not just for the viewers, but for me too! He knew much more about our twin soul connection than I thought!

I will share some insights here to spark your interest in this amazing DM webinar!
At least, if you want to understand the connection from a male perspective!

Assumptions!! (see my last YouTube video on how your DM feels…
I talked about different assumptions we both might have!
It turned out that I had assumptions that were completely wrong.
He was much more in love with me than I could ever have imagined.

The viewers understood that it’s not about rejection, but about timing.
They are not rejecting you!! There’s no lack of love. Quite the opposite! They love you!! They deeply love you!!!

I know you’ll want to hear this, but it’s true and you can hear it from your own DM!
Watch the webinar with my DM!!

He is an alpha type!
Normally, he (almost) never talks about his feelings, but for this special occasion, he made an exception, he opened up completely.
He explained the connection very clearly from his perspective!

He also explained exactly why he wasn’t ready before, why he is ready now, why he came back to me, why he couldn’t do that earlier.
What he felt when and how.

He also gave tips for you to do when your twin flame is not ready yet!!
So again!! Watch the webinar!! Do the DM Module.
It will give you insights and it will give you a warm feeling. You will love and understand your own DM even more.

During and after the webinar, viewers got messages from their twin flame,
even though they hadn’t been in contact for 5 months!
Can you believe it!! I therefore call May 8th the DM day.
It was also my mother’s birthday, it felt like a celebration… the celebration of love that needs to be celebrated!!
And then also Ascension Day in the Netherlands!!
An important day for me on the journey.
I always make a shift on this day. And on August 15th. Assumption Day of Mary

But… it’s not all rosy.
He opened up about life’s responsibilities – like children and previous commitments.
His wisdom on these topics can give you a different view on the whole matter!
It might help you shift now so that divine timing can work for you now!!

And the reactions to the webinar? Overwhelming!
Many of you saw your own stories reflected in his words.
It’s not about rejection, but about their readiness and their own growth.
It’s not about a lack of love for you. They love you

He emphasized the importance of timing – being truly ready for union, not just desiring it.
His personal breakthrough came when he was ready, not just when he wanted/needed it, perfectly aligned with the universe’s timing. Magic, right? The best part was that when he was ready, I had ‘just happened’ to be really ready for it too.
Want to learn that? Then follow the Year 1 course: How to come together with your twin soul.

He shared a pro-tip about contact:
Keep the connection alive but never push.
He explained in the webinar exactly what to send and what not to send and when.

Want the full story with all its deep layers? Dive right into our complete DM Module – it’s packed with insights, truths, and especially RECOGNITION that might just help change your connection now. The webinar is in English but our viewers from the Netherlands and Belgium get two bonus videos from me in Dutch with the conclusion!!

So, go watch now!! Here is the link to the DM Module!

Click here for my latest YouTube video on understanding your DM!

Stay curious, stay connected, and most importantly, stay open to the wonders of the universe!
Love is everything. Live love!
Lorraine Vesterink

PS: More videos are coming, especially if you like, subscribe, and ring that bell for more insights about love, energy, and abundance.
My intention is to bring you back to love every time you watch my channel. Want to chat daily with me and like-minded people? Then join the twinsoul.app

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