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YEAR 1 How to unite with your twin soul

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 555,00 incl. VAT

As a YEAR 1 student:
  • You get unlimited access to all Twin Soul Modules of YEAR 1, You can follow them multiple times at your own pace.
  • The eBook that belongs to the modules. The 11 chapters from the book correspond to the modules

In short: YEAR 1 offers you more value for money then choosing the individual modules of 55 euros each.

Participants experience YEAR 1 as the best personal development path they have ever followed. You will probably discover things you wish you had learned much sooner. You come fully into your power. You will get (more) contact with your twin soul, and when you adapt the knowledge, you will unite in an official relationship in the fastest possible way.


PS: If you want to go all in then choose the Complete Guide to Union and can do it together with us!

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11 Twin Soul Modules – How to unite with your twin soul


1.1 Break free
How to set yourself free to unite with your twin soul.

1.2 It’s YOUR life

How to detach yourself from your ego and from others’ opinions.

1.3 It’s all in you

How to discover that everything exists in yourself and how to enhance your mindset.

1.4 Get your twin back

How to develop unconditional love for yourself, so your twin soul will feel it too.




2.1 You’ve got the power in you

How to unleash the power within you.

2.2 Your true colors

How to focus on your true colors and those of your twin soul.

2.3 Feeling good

How to feel good, whether you are already united or not yet.

2.4 Step into your light

How to shine your light even more.


  1. PURE

3.1 Your true path

How to embody the main character of your own feel-good movie and true path.

3.2 You are sailing
How to become the leader of your union.

3.3 Let it flow

You learn to let love flow for yourself and your twin. Whether you are in union or not (yet).

3.4 Return to innocence

You will uncover your innocent, beautiful soul that gives and receives unconditional love.


  1. TRUST

4.1 I believe in you and me
How do you keep your balance as a divine feminine.

4.2 How to stay true to yourself

How to trust you are already amazing exactly the way you are.

4.3 ALOHA! Don’t worry

The difference between healthy and unhealthy DF energy.

4.4 You are (the) one

You will discover how to trust that you both are one and that you both are each other’s true love.




5.1 Freedom, keep moving forward

How to be persistent while giving freedom to your divine masculine.   

5.2 Follow you(r) heart

When you follow your heart, your divine masculine follows you.

5.3 Life is…

How your lives become magical.

5.4 Dancing queen (m/f)

How to act from your soul, not from your mind.




6.1 Time of your life, it’s the truth

How to communicate from the source of love and truth with your twin soul.  

6.2 I love the thought…

 How to express yourself out of strength and vulnerability.             

6.3 Twenty-four hours with you

How to build up the communication with your divine masculine.  

6.4 Now is the time to unite

How to grow into the (already existing) energy of union.




 7.1 You are the sunshine of your life
How to overcome obstacles and how to let the sun shine on your relationship.

7.2 We are the people we’ve been waiting for

How you will become the new version everyone is waiting for.

7.3 I got you babe

How you become more and more your true self. The one who already enjoys the twin soul union.                     

7.4 Reunited (pronto)

How to let go of the ‘old or destructive’ version of the both of you.


  1. FLOW

8.1 Live in the moment

 How to live more in the now and how to create more flow in your life and on your mission.

8.2 Dreams will come alive

How to stay true to your own ideal.

8.3 Step by step

How to become united step by step.

8.4 I don’t care

 How to let go of your current 3D (reality) and focus on what you truly desire.   




9.1 Violet Flame

How to radiantly embrace your life, just by being yourself 

9.2 Lady in red

You discover that your unconditional love is irreplaceable. 

9.3 Revision

How to revise past memories in order to make your future brighter.  

9.4 I’m so excited
How to step into the winner’s triangle of a twin soul union.



10.1 In love again

How the love for your divine masculine always returns. 

10.2 Love is in the air

How to love yourself, your twin soul and others, more and more.  

10.3 You’ve got a higher power

How to tune into your higher power with greater vision.

10.4 Wake up (don’t give up)
How you awake each other.




11.1 Then you may join me

How to create your receiving mode. 

11.2 Your twin is trying to get you

You find out that your twin soul is following your energy.

11.3 You turn him/her on

How to be in your sexy divine feminine energy and how to bring your chakras into alignment.

11.4 The (wo)man in the mirror
       How you really make the change within yourself.

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1 review for YEAR 1 How to unite with your twin soul

  1. English

    Mary Connelly (verified owner)

    I started year one a few days ago. I woke up at 2am and found that Lorraine was working on my order. I had done balance a while back as a single purchase and improved my communication with my Twin Soul. I did self love and completed it at 6am. I had been anxious to start the program. The speed in which things happened was so amazing. I had been unemployed for a while and that morning at 10 am I received a phone call asking me to interview for a job where my twin lives. It about an 8-12 hour drive depending on the weather. Then came in the phone call about a place to live. The job is in a Women’s Prison run by the State for a registered nurse in their clinic. Funny, but I took a class this past summer that goes into prisons to teach the inmates meditation. Hmmm. I feel my life is totally orchestrated by the divine. Lot’s of negativity has shown it ugly head but with the help of meditation, affirmations and love, twin soul year 1 is helping me to stick the negativity in the Volcano as Lorraine says. Time to clean out the negativity. Beautiful process.

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