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Cloud nine; 5 steps from Dark to Divine in your Twin Soul Journey

I invite you on an incredible journey that has deeply influenced my life over the past 10 years.
The five steps are like a map guiding us through the path of soul love—a transformative journey from love to soul pain and back to unconditional love: it’s like floating on clouds! Welcome!

Grab your pen and paper and join me on this journey!
Discover how this journey can be uplifting and life-changing.
It’s more than just a journey filled with obstacles and blocks.

Station 1: Discovery

Our first stop is the magical moment of discovery.
Imagine stepping off a plane into a new world where you meet your twin soul.
Suddenly, everything falls into place—you feel great, valued, and super beautiful!
It’s like reaching a breathtaking viewpoint; everything is just perfect.

Station 2: The Challenge

Every journey has its tough moments.
As we move forward, fear may cloud our path, causing us to lose sight of ourselves.
This fear usually pushes your twin soul away.
It leads us into a dark, confusing forest of self-doubt.
You might think you’re not good enough because of differences in status, religion, age, location, lifestyle, or other people.

Station 3: Rebirth

Every explorer finds their way. You will too!
Our next destination is the valley of rebirth.
Here you rediscover and embrace your essence, find unconditional self-love—
and the love from and for your twin soul—
without needing anyone else’s approval!

Station 4: Liberation

As we climb out of the deep valley, we reach the mountain of liberation.
It’s a surprising place where you realize you no longer need your twin soul to feel complete.
That’s right because you are already complete by yourself!!
Ironically, this is often when your twin soul comes back to you!
This peak represents a significant milestone of personal growth, where your joy comes entirely from yourself.
I even created module 5 Freedom with the I am free meditation because you are free to create your union!

Station 5: (Re)Union

Finally, we arrive at the beautiful (re)Union.
Reconnected with your twin soul, you now stand taller, wiser, and more radiant than ever.
This is not just a joyful reunion—
it’s an evolution to a higher state of consciousness,
like reaching a peak and seeing the vast, beautiful landscape unfold before you.

My 5 affirmations for you

? 1 Discovery: “Every step brings me closer to Cloud Nine with my twin soul.”

? 2 Challenge: “I am worthy to be on Cloud Nine in every aspect of my life.”

? 3 Rebirth: “I am aligned with my twin soul, lifting us to Cloud Nine.”

? 4 Liberation: “I attract love and abundance, elevating me to Cloud Nine.”

? 5 (Re)Union: “With every breath, I feel myself on Cloud Nine.”


Looking back on the 5 steps, the twin soul journey is truly a remarkable expedition.
I’m glad to now be at the breathtaking peak, grateful for the love I experience.
Grateful for the appreciation I receive for what I’ve achieved.
I’m so happy to now guide other twin souls, maybe even you!
Remember, this path is not just about soul pain and overcoming challenges; it’s a beautiful adventure of personal growth and discovery.

Call to Action

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You can also book a twin soul talk with a coach from our amazing team right away.

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Thank you for joining me on this journey!
Keep exploring, growing, and loving.
Together, we make our lives and the world a better place. ?✨

Live love,

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