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How to identify a twin soul vs a karmic relationship (2 signs)

I was so happy to receive this message from someone on this channel. She watched the video about the signs and stages of a twin soul relationship. This is what she wrote:

I used to be one of those people who assumed people who shared twin flame experiences were just romanticizing toxic relationships.

Even when a friend of mine remarked that he and I were like twin flames (due to synchronicities and telepathic behavior) I laughed it off. But watching this video, my jaw has dropped twice. Pretty much all the points you’ve been laying out match my experience with him exactly. It’s almost unbelievable.

I normally don’t leave comments on videos, but I just feel that I really need to express my reaction to this because I’m just blown away!

This is what motivated me to a make video about this subject because a lot of people confuse a twin soul relationship with a narcissistic relationship. There are many videos out there that make you believe a twin soul relationship is just an excuse to stay in a toxic situation, but I see this in a completely different way.

My belief is based on in depth research, teachings and talks with students in our twin soul school and of course, my own experience with my twin flame.

The first sign:

A twin flame will insult you, or tear you down! This will happen in a toxic relationship. In a twin soul connection neither of you will say anything mean or degrading to each other or about each other. Despite the pain the twin soul journey can cause, you probably will defend your twin soul toward friends and family when they are trying to convince you to look for someone else.

Your twin flame will never hurt you on purpose. That is not to say that you cannot feel hurt by your twin soul’s behaviour. At the beginning they might say… I don’t have romantic feelings for you or I don’t want to commit. If you start chasing them, they might ignore you and if you keep chasing them, they might even block you! The harder you push, the faster they run away from you.

Understandably, this can drive you insane. Some divine feminines even wonder if life has any meaning without their twin flame – why go on? I have had those thoughts myself. People think it’s unhealthy and it is! Be aware your twin flame is not hurting you. Your twin soul is only withdrawing and that’s the reason why you feel hurt. It’s not a crime not wanting to commit to you. Now just might not be the right time…

My twin flame once said… you are my dream woman. One day I will choose you, but not now. That message shocked me, in its contradictory nature. I felt sad because I felt put aside for later. I couldn’t understand his point of view.  Even worse, I was stuck with this sentence in my head for three years! I only attracted more situations where he did say he loved me but couldn’t choose commitment for countless reasons.

A lot of Divine Masculines give my clients excuses like: I’m too busy, I need my freedom, I want to take care of my children, I don’t want to leave my family, we live too far apart, I am too old, or you are too old, you name it! Their excuses are usually based on underlying fears.

The second sign:

Your twin soul will always stimulates you to grow on a personal or spiritual level, directly or indirectly. In a toxic relationship your self love and self-confidence will only diminish because of degrading remarks. It’s not that you don’t develop yourself in other relationships but it’s not because of them, sometimes even despite them.

They will encourage you to grow in a direct way to tell you to go for the new job or adventure or if you are on the right track, to check with you how things are going or compliment you on your efforts, even though they may not be interested in the subject.

In an indirect way they stimulate you by mirroring you. This is not always fun to endure, but this makes you grow on a personal and spiritual level. It shows you the parts you are allowed to heal and work on. Every trigger is a blessing and brings you closer to each other. So after all you will be grateful for your twin soul triggering you. Remember, it is not easy for them to put your growth first (consciously or unconsciously) and do not give in to their own desires.

Now the good part!

You can turn any situation with your twin soul into a healthy relationship. With a toxic or narcissistic person that is never possible. Whatever you try, how many times you try, it will always end in arguments, misunderstandings, manipulative behavior, disappointments or putting each other down. You don’t feel unconditional love in this kind of relationship.

You WILL feel loved, supported, cared for, understood, respected, etc by your twin soul, once you are in union. These are the feelings you will experience in a healthy, harmonious union with your twin soul!

Is it helpful to read all the checklists of false twin flames?

No! Because you will only attract more evidence that you are dealing with a false twin flame. You will repeatedly feed the doubt in your mind and your mind will try to gather further proof. It will only take you further away than ever from you true twin soul.

The best thing you can do is trust that you are dealing with your true twin flame. How to be sure? Watch my video about ‘How to be sure you are dealing with your twin flame’.

To wrap it up…

  1. A twin flame will never offend you or put you down!
  2. Your twin soul will always encourage you to grow on a personal or spiritual level, directly or indirectly.

You cannot get into a healthy relationship with a narcissistic person. Your self love and trust in your self will only diminish.

With your twin soul you CAN get into a healthy relationship! Would you like guidance? Book a twin soul talk or watch our YouTube videos. We would love to see you there.

Send you…
Love by Lorraine

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  1. The feeling is different. “From the head” it looks very similar, if you “get hurt” when a trigger appears… but in the end you can`t be angry about your twinsoul, but you can get angry about a toxic partner…; thanks for all your videos with so much love an light you send to all.

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