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3 reasons why many twin flames will get together

In the past not many twin flames go together in a healthy harmonious union. Nowadays more and more twin flame make a happy couple. Today we will give you three explanations.

1) The rise of the internet

When there was no internet and you were in the dark night of the soul, you couldn’t search for information. There still is not so much proper information. When I entered the twin flame journey myself 9 years ago, I only could find information about recognizing your twin flame and the mirror exercise from twin flame universe which I already learned from Byron Katie. Maybe you know her useful worksheet. You can find it for free on the internet.

Nowhere I could find a complete guide to union. I had to find out everything myself. At the beginning I thought I had become crazy, and I didn’t dare to speak about it. In the end i overcame myself and came out for my thoughts and feelings. I have incorporated all my findings into the book: How to unite with your twin soul.

2) Breaking taboos

Another reason is that nowadays we are breaking more and more taboos. Here in the Netherlands, I can’t turn on the television without seeing a gay couple lying in bed. That was different in my youth. I remember once organizing a debate at school about the idea that gay people should also be able to marry and have children because my favorite uncle is gay. We have many gay people in twin soul school, but at the moment mostly a divine masculine is a man and a divine feminine is a woman.

3) We increase the development of our consciousness

Since we have entered the age of Aquarias everything is speeding up! We must learn that
we manifest all the time and in my opinion now it’s time we are getting more aware of that!
We can manifest miracles and we shouldn’t keep ourselves smaller than we are. You are a manifester and you can manifest everything so of course also union with your twin flame!! You and your twin flame share the same consciousness and you share the same soul. Manifesting union
should be the easiest thing to manifest. Would you like to find out why affirmations work and receive some powerful affirmations? Click here.

Send you love,
Lorraine Vesterink

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