Heal Your Past Module

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The Heal Your Past Module is essential on your twin soul journey!

No one can trigger you more than your twin soul.
Every trigger is a blessing and brings you closer together.
At least… if you heal the trigger!

The more your old wounds are healed,
the more pleasant it is to be with your twin soul.
Your twin soul is faithful to your growth.
Your DM triggers you until you heal!

How to make affirmations work permanently:
Your affirmations work better when your blockages are resolved.
By healing, you release your blockages.
That way, you become more and more the most beautiful version of yourself.

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Heal Your Past Method – The Complete Healing Method

With the Heal Your Past Module, you have a comprehensive method.
You can work on self-healing independently. Without a coach!!
Use it when triggered by your twin soul or anyone else!

How did the HYP Method come about?
Lorraine Vesterink developed this method over the last 10 years.
(Based on many years experience with NLP, MatriX, Reiki, Nei, and Byron Katie’s worksheet).
I’m so grateful to share almost 20 years of healing knowledge and experience with you.

How to follow?
You can follow this module online, best at your computer.
At your own pace, as often and whenever you like.
So, you can heal yourself without the help of a coach!

Convenient, especially during the weekend or when going through the Dark Night of the Soul!
Although it is recommended, it is not necessary to book a 1 on 1 HYP coaching


Contents Heal Your Past Module

* Add this module to the shop and immediately register for the extended HYP webinar.

* Step by step, it is explained how you can heal.

* All presentation slides and ‘the ultimate healing guide of 29 pages’ in PDF.

* The steps of the SHIT-Love method written out (old ‘shit’ out, love in).

* The Guided Meditation of the HYP Method (only 23 minutes!!)

* As a bonus, you will receive the ‘Holy Grail’ for your harmonious union with your twin soul!

* Lifetime access to the Heal Your Past module.

* After completing the module, you can ask questions to Lorraine if anything is unclear.

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2 reviews for Heal Your Past Module

  1. Dutch


    This is the best healing tool ever!!
    So easy to use, especially with the heal your past meditation, which I can always go back to whenever I feel triggered.
    This works on all levels (body, mind and soul) and always gives instant results in removing blockages.
    So happy to have it in my life?.
    Thank you Lorraine, thank you Twin Soul School!

    • Dutch

      Lorraine Vesterink

      Wow this is wonderful news. You are so welcome! Thank you !!

  2. Dutch

    Elles Hofmann (verified owner)

    Deze methode is zó makkelijk en snel in te zetten als je een trigger ervaart. Het geeft mij iedere keer inzicht, ruimte, rust en helderheid. Ik merk vrijwel direct dat ik een blokkade opruim, met alle positieve effecten die daaruit volgen.
    En als bonus haal ik hieruit een zó aansluitende affirmatie die vanzelf ontstaat, superfijn!
    Dank je wel Lorraine ?

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