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7 reasons your twin soul is blocking you

Usually it’s the DM who blocks the DF, but what is the reason?

When your twin soul blocks you, it can be very painful. Especially the first time it happens. This is sign to work on yourself, ‘soul work‘.

How are you going to act on this? I will give you 7 reasons why your twin soul might block you.

  1. Lack of acceptance

Are you still in resistance because of this blockage? Then you are not accepting with what’s going on right now. Accept where you are at this moment and understand it is necessary for now. It’s okay… It seems the DM thinks blocking you is the best thing to do at this moment. Currently, It’s easier for them to block you instead of looking at their fears which they can not deal with during this period. Accept where you two are at this moment. If your DM is not ready, you aren’t either, even though you might think you are. If so, you can watch the video about 10 signs to check if you are ready for union!

  1. Blocking yourself

In what aspect of your life are you not fully connected to your true self? Step into pureness and a healthy flow in all areas of your life and especially towards your twin soul. The duration of a blockage doesn’t define when union is going to happen. It only gives you the insight, you need to change something within. When you come into clearness and peace, you’re in your divine feminine energy and your twin will come home. You’re creating union and your twin is following your energy. Do you need help with this? To get into the right energy? Please check the You-Tube video’s online, follow the twin soul webinars (you can start with module 1. Balance or Go all in with YEAR 1) or you book a twin soul talk.

  1. Holding on to resentment

If your twin soul is blocking you it may trigger frustration and anger in you. But in fact, you have manifested this version of your twin soul, so becoming angry at your twin is practically useless. You can perform a forgiveness session. This often changes the energy of your DM. Forgive yourself also. If you have thoughts like; why can’t I succeed? It can’t be that hard right? Then you know you’ are still in resistance. I will make a video on how to forgive your twin flame. Two quick tips: 1) Do not rewind the movie of something that’s gone wrong in your head. 2) Don’t make all kinds of scenarios of what will or will not happen. What if scenarios are not helpful in the twin flame connection. You are only driving yourself crazy.

  1. Focus on your twin flame instead of yourself

Constantly focussing on your twin soul does not help you on your journey. Asking what’s my DM saying, what’s he or she doing all of the time does not help you get unblocked. Instead you should be occupied with your own life and focus on yourself. Easier said than done, but it’s one of the reasons why your twin flame might be blocking you.

  1. Victim role

Soul pain, the victim role and obsessively negative thinking (for example about the behavior of your twin flame) need to go. Your twin soul is mirroring victimization back to you through their behavior, for instance by blocking or ignoring you.

Perhaps it’s time to come into your power. This way you can transfer fear based love into unconditional love. You can use affirmations. Don’t practice this before you’re in a good feeling, because it won’t flow. You can even start having headaches due to this or create the opposite result. Affirm when your affirmations are in line with your energy.

I will give you some examples:

? My twin is soul coming to me now
? We are the purest, best and unconditional version of ourselves
? We are getting closer to each other every day.

Let go of the fear not being good enough for your twin. You can explore why you were not feeling good enough as a child or in a different relationship? You can start healing this and use self concept affirmations, such as:

? I am good enough just the way I am now.

? I am worthy of our union and receiving all my desires.

? I am his/her true love. I am worthy being his/her true love. I have always been his/her true love. 

  1. Thinking in terms of separation

If your twin is blocking you, you still think in terms of separation. You are on this journey to learn we’re all one! All is energy, there’s no separation. You weren’t rejected and you’ll never be rejected. Feel your twin soul in your heart. The DM is calming you and is eager to enter your heart again. Your twin soul wants to come towards you and wants you to let them enter your life. Live like you’re already together. That way you’re in union-energy instead of separation-energy.

  1. Lack of trust

The universe will show you signs like feathers, double digits or you receive smaller rewards like being checked on social media more often or messages initiated by your twin. It could be your twin is unblocking you just out of the blue. Trust that you are being guided. You aren’t alone, I promise you. Appreciate the time you are on your own and put it to good use. You will come out much stronger and more in your powerful divine feminine energy!


Finally let me give you 7 steps you can follow to enter into unconditional love.

  1. Accept the situation
  2. Heal your blockages
  3. Forgive your twin soul
  4. Focus on yourself, not your twin
  5. Affirm with a good feelings
  6. Think in oneness energy
  7. Trust that you are being guided

Send you love & light,
Lorraine Vesterink

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