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11 qualities of a twin soul relationship

What does a twin soul connection look like? I wrote this article for you so you can discover if it is worth it not to settle for someone else but to go all in to the twin soul journey, that means: create a happy life for yourself as a base and attract your twin flame relationship as a bonus.

A twin soul relationship is not better, but it IS different. Sometimes you wish that you even haven’t met your twin flame. When you are in separation you might wish you are in normal or in a soulmate relationship. What are huge qualities of a twin soul connection?

There is so much to tell you about this intense and special soul connection, but today I will give you 11 qualities of a twin soul relationship.

  1. Your twin soul always wants the best for you.

    Even if this means a life without you (only temporary of course) because I believe you are created and meant for each other. A karmic partner also wants you to be happy, but only if it is because of them and with them! In a twin soul relationship you are free and despite your choices, your twin soul will always wish you the very best! The DM is often insecure that they cannot give you all the love you deserve. This is often the reason for them to run away. They might tell you all kinds of reasons they ran away except the real ones. If you want to know why your twin flame is still with someone else of if you want to check if you are ready for union, you can watch the other videos of the English playlist: How to unite with your twin soul.
  2. They will encourage you to do things that make you flourish (even more).

    A twin soul will always encourage you to work on yourself, get a good coach, take a course, write a book, start a business, set boundaries or get promoted. They love it when you shine. If you think about it, you probable also want to stimulate your twin flame. You love nothing more for them to shine their light. You would like to do so much for him or her (maybe too much:).
  3. A twin soul almost always talks positively to you and about you.

    Your twin soul is always proud of you and your accomplishments. They will talk positively to you and about you to others. Your DM is probably too modest to brag about you, but you can tell by the things they do and say and the way they look that they are proud of you. Even if they don’t choose you yet, they are positive about you. Even if you have other interests and you make other choices then they would made. They still respect and appreciate what you do. Often they are curious about it, but only because of your passion for it. They usually show their curiosity in a very subtle way. You might think that different interests stand in the way of relationship, but in fact: nothing is a dealbreaker in a twin soul connection.
  4. A twin soul remains loving in most cases.

    If he or she walks away, it is not from you, but from him- or herself and the relationship. Now is not the right time, because you are not aligned yet. Running away can be reflected through ignoring and blocking, but also in the form of losing oneself in work, sports or family or even cheating. The divine masculine needs the feeling of maintaining control and freedom. However, this is different from intentionally bringing you down or confusing you, as a karmic partner would do. Your twin flame does not play games with you. They are just not ready. If you want to know more about this, you can read our blog about two extra 2 signs to identy a twin soul form a karmic one.
  5. You are always connected to your twin soul.

    You will get closer together. Even if you are living separate or in a period of no contact, you are always connected to your twin soul. You will recognize the feeling of home, peace and total joy while being around them or thinking about them. Someone on my channel said: “I feel him in me, even though we haven’t been in relationship yet properly . Over my birthday we were in different countries and still his energy was so intensely with me , it was almost unbearable. I knew he was thinking of me.

    After a while and after any physical separation, you get closer to your twin flame. You might not be as close as you were in the bubble love phase, and it might not happen as quickly as you would like, but from the start to connecting with your twin soul and building your relationship, it will get better and better. You WILL get closer together and you will build your relationship step by step. I experienced it is not possible to let go of a twin soul connection. In a karmic connection you step by step you get further away from each other until it is finished. After you are separated and you were able to let go, you won’t feel the connection anymore. Especially if you healed the karma between you it IS possible to let go of a karmic connection.
  6. The moments of (physical) separation become shorter and shorter
    If you experience a separation phase more than once in your twin soul relationship they ARE probably getting shorter. In the beginning it can be for years, then months, days, hours and then you are in union; a stable and harmonious relationship! The better you prepare your union the shorter the separation phases will get. Maybe there will be no separation at all. I know students uniting and staying together with their twin soul, especially if they build up slowly. So use you time alone wisely and become the best and stable version of yourself.
  7. You can feel a lot of sadness and a soul shock when your DM runs away.
    As you develop yourself, the triggers become less as does the enormous sadness over separation. You are learning separation does not exist. If your DM would run away, you know he WILL come back the next day anyway or the day after, so you don’t have to worry anymore and because you don’t worry, it doesn’t happen anymore!
  8. In time, the intense energy between the two of you becomes less intense.
    In the beginning the energy between you two can be very intense. But the moment you are in a ‘normal’ relationship you can be in each other’s presence longer and build a happy, healthy and harmonious love relationship. I say a normal relationship because to the outside world it does seem like a normal relationship. Even your DM can think it is a normal relationship, but you know better. Mostly only the DF knows that it IS a special kind of relationship. As a DF, you have discovered that there are too many coincidences and triggers. When you learn to deal with those, you come together, you can live in harmony and the intense energy becomes less intense. That doesn’t mean boring. It is always nice to be with your twin soul.
  9. On average, it takes three years
    The moment you discover you are twin flames until the moment you are in an official relationship takes three years on average! From the moment you are in an official relationship until the moment you get in a steady, harmonious, permanent union with your twin soul can take two or three years as well. Although this can become shorter if you are learning from role models who spread the right twin soul information.
  10. Your twin soul is your mirror soul
    Everything your twin soul does that upsets you is a reflection of your own thoughts and behavior. That is why it can be a hard connection, but I switched it into the easiest connection. If your twin soul is mirroring everything (and they are) you ‘just’ have to change yourself.

    I decided to become great at changing myself and become a master manifestor, that means that I became more conscious of my thoughts. This was the best thing ever happened to me. I am now one with the power of my awareness and therefore I feel safe within my union. You can influence your connection through your own thoughts and feelings and you do not have to be a victim anymore that is depending on what is happening in the 3D. Someone on this channel responded: “Our process doesn’t make sense from the normal 3D perspective! And that is so true. With another person you could not persist on this journey! “ With a twin flame you can persist and you can become the best version of yourself!
  11. The unconditonal love for your twin soul will always be there
    To me this is the biggest qualities of a twin soul connection. The poll on this channel shows that 56% of you agree. Regardless of the behavior of your twin soul, the love is always there. The love for your twin soul is called: unconditional love.

    Some people say you can only have unconditional love for your children, but some people, like me, feel unconditional love for another person (not just for their children). Someone on my channel responded: “I noticed a huge initial eye contact, never experienced such an intense moment in my entire life! The recognition was even beyond my own children’s birth recognition”.

    The feeling of so much unconditional love for another person (not being my children) is is the reason I discovered about twin souls! I felt so much love for a man, I had to find out how this was possible! It is possible you don’t feel the love anymore, but this only can occur for a brief moment and then it will appear again…: the love for your twin soul is back, if it is a true twin soul union! When you get in touch with your true self, the love for your twin soul will return quickly!

    I discovered it was impossible to let go of my twin soul. He couldn’t let go of me either. We both tried everything. I also tried to settle for less. I wouldn’t want to spent the rest of my life alone. Now I know that if you stop settling for less your twin soul will come back. Of course, you always learn from every connection but it can also be a waste of everybody’s time and energy if you don’t want to grow old with that other person. With your twin flame you DO want to spend the rest of your life with. If you want to know about the true desire of your twin soul, watch that video!

    Because of this I decided to unite with my twin soul. If you want to decide the same I recommend you to follow the course: How to unite with your twin soul. You can go all in and follow YEAR 1 or you can start with Module 1. Balance!

Send you much love,
Lorraine Vesterink

#unconditionallove #twinflames

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