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What if your twin soul is with someone else? – 7 reasons why!

What to do if your twin soul is in a relationship with someone else? The real question you should ask yourself is WHY your twin soul is still in a relationship? Are your struggling with this fact and would you like to have guidance with this? Please read the first chapter of my book. We are translating it now into English and it will be available soon! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and we let you know when it’s available.

Back to the big question: Why is your twin flame in a relationship still?

  1. Are YOU still in a relationship yourself?

This could be a reason; you are still in a relationship yourself! Maybe you are in s sibling relationship and your partner feels like a brother or sister. Or maybe you have a karmic relationship (more on the manipulative side) in which you’re not fully in your power and feeling uncertain about yourself. Most of the time people want to hold on the financial security or they are afraid what the surrounding will say if they break up.

Some people want to keep the relationship with their twin flame a secret, so they can continue the relationship with their current partner. Ask yourself the question, how happy are you if you’re spending the majority of your time in a marriage you aren’t feeling really happy in? Personally I can’t see happiness in seeing your twin flame once in a while next to having a relationship, but that’s not up to me to decide. If you decide to go for a relationship that isn’t your twin, make it a beautiful, happy and honest happy relationship. This means no intimacy with your twin flame. You can have contact once in a while, but to cross the line of honesty isn’t beneficial for anyone to my opinion. Not for you, your twin soul and your current partner. 

  1. Are you leaking energy to others? 

This means you aren’t in a relationship yourself, but still leaking energy to other people. A few examples: are you still dating other people? do you have a profile on a dating site? Are you at every store looking for a suitable partner. If yes, you’re still having doubts and perhaps you are wondering if other people could be your twin soul. Subconsciously this is a energy leak. This could be the reason your twin soul is choosing for a different relationship, because you aren’t choosing your twin soul for the full 100% either.

  1. Do you have negative beliefs in general? 

It could be you have beliefs regarding men or women. For instance all nice men or women are taken. If you have these thoughts, it’s pretty obvious your twin flame is also taken. What is your general thought about men, women or relationships in general? Do you have a positive believe about a happy marriage?

  1. Do you love yourself enough?

What belief do you have about yourself? Are you good enough? Are you lovable? Do you love yourself enough? Or are you feeling like you aren’t good enough, for example you believe you have too much weight? Or is there something you believe your twin doesn’t like about you? Do you think your twin thinks you are too neat, too chaotic, too smart, too old, not intelligent enough etc? If you’re having these thoughts in your energetic relationship, your twin flame will point this out and will leave you alone until you have discovered this and have come back into your true power. You can use the affirmation: My twin flame thinks I’m perfect, just the way I am.

  1. Are you copying the comments of your twin flame? 

Do you belief the current comments of your twin flame are the truth? If your twin is indicating never going to leave the current relationship, because he or she choose for this and wants to stay in this relationship (because of children, taking care of the partner or promises, etc) even though your twin is not truly happy. If you confirm this and you’re repeating these reasons to your friends and family and in your own mind, you’re confirming this as a reason for your separation. What you’re doing actually is confirming you won’t be chosen, you aren’t desired for, your twin also isn’t putting himself (or herself) first in life. You both are staying in victim rol: ‘as long as someone else is happy’. Probably you are also not putting yourself first and your twin soul is mirroring this behaviour.

  1. Is your happiness your priority?

A lot of DF find the DM’s happiness more important than their own happiness. Because of this you’re placing yourself beneath your DM and this will be felt by the DM as well. The DM has appeared into your life, to teach you to make a priority of yourself. What do you find important? What do you want? What do you need? You’re supposed to feel worthy enough to receive all love you desire. 

  1. Have you ever felt abandoned before?

Have you ever been abandoned at a young age or perhaps later on in life? Has one of your parents left you? Perhaps your previous partner? Or maybe you were in a relationship with your twin soul before and he or she left you? Because of this you’re still in the energy of abandonment and perhaps this experience developed into a fear of abandonment. This could be a reason why your twin flame is still in a relationship with someone else instead of being with you. If this is the case I don’t recommend to talk or read about abandonment or commitment issues. As long as you keep mentioning it, you’re giving energy to it. Instead send positive energy towards your fear of abandonment or fear of commitment.

Final Question: What can you do right now? 

It isn’t about your twin soul, the twin soul journey is all about you! If you’re interested I can make the ‘I am chosen and loved’ Meditation. Please let me know if you’re interested in that.
Go and work on making yourself a priority, feeling desired yourself and imagine how it would be to in a relationship with your twin flame, to live together, to walk together and everything you want to share with each other! Radiate love and being in a relationship and feel it’s already there! Send all your loving energy towards your connection and if you’re doing this correctly, I know for sure your twin will feel this and will choose for you and the connection as well.

It will feel odd to affirm yourself into a relationship with your twin soul, while your twin is still in a relationship with someone else. However it’s much more weird to keep affirming your twin flame is in an unhappy relationship and isn’t choosing for his or her own happiness, feelings or heart.

It’s my intention you enjoyed this article and it helps you to unite with your twin soul and stay together in a happy, healthy and harmonious relationship.

Send you love & light,
Lorraine Vesterink

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