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The secret to unite with your twin soul

How can you get in union with your twin soul? After 5 years I united with my twin
soul. Now years later it seems very easy, but it has not always been that an easy ride for me. In the end it was really about making the right choice.

But how do you consciously choose for this? It’s up to you if it will work out, not up to the other person. Often divine feminines say they choose for the connection, but the divine masculine doesn’t.

As a divine feminine we often see the divine masculine as the leader. Indeed, in the 3D this is the case, the DM is active, chooses, does, lives and enjoys his or her life. The divine masculine is much more present in the 3D.

The divine feminine on the other side is much more aware and often developing in spiritual growth, watching video’s like this one about twin souls, they are waiting, hoping and searching for
the secret how to unite. You don’t have to look further, because I will give you the clue and you hold the key to your union

If you are a DF who enjoy less in the present time, because you miss your DM. If you are still searching, waiting and wanting very badly which makes you out of control in the situation. You are
placing the control outside of yourself.

Let me inspire you it’s not up to your twin soul, it’s really up to you. If you understand that you are the leader of your union, than all the power lies in you. Now you control to go for the most beautiful thing in life. Union with your true twin soul.

You have the choice to create a relationship with your twin soul, a soul mate or some one else. , You are allowed to choose the best for you and again the control is in your hands completely. So let me give you the secret tips to unite:

1) You as the DF choose on an energetic level, you are the energetic leader of your union. This
means in real life you do not need to call, text or stand in front of the door of your twin soul to show you are so in love with him or her. Don’t do that!

2) On the energetic level you get into alignment with the choice for union with your divine
masculine and going for it 100%. So, if you are really committed to this, you can’t date others anymore, It’s up to you, but you don’t really go for your divine masculine if you are dating other people. It’s not really useful to think you will stop dating ones the DM is coming to you. In this case you’re actually using another soul like a toy. Of course it’s your decision. If you really want to built a
future with that person? You can absolutely choose for someone other than your twin flame.
If you only choose this other person for ‘the time being’, your twin flame will reflect this back toyou by doing the same. This will keep you guys in separation or the loop of running and chasing. Somebody has to make the decision and it’s up to the DF to do so.

A customer of mine never met her twin soul. She really wanted the twin soul journey. I asked
her if she was sure (getting herself into this). Next thing I helped her choosing for her twin
soul and the day after this she met her twin soul. They aren’t together yet after two years and
she hasn’t found the courage to choose for the other half. During a conversation with her
about daring to choose and forgive her twin soul, the divine masculine send a message to
her. The DM asked her how she was doing. You can even set a date for it. However in my
experience if you set a date and your request doesn’t happen at that particularly time, I
notice the DF’s are going into doubt and run away. They are having thoughts like: Should I
even do this? Is it even my twin soul? You are actually making an order for the universe, but
meanwhile cancelling it (energetically) by saying: “Never mind.” You can compare it to pass
down the wrong address, or choosing a soul mate or ordering nothing at all. How do you
want to receive an order then? If you don’t receive something on the day you’ve ordered it
to the universe, assume it will arrive 100% guaranteed. This way you’re in a relaxed mood
and you can think: Well it will arrive tomorrow then.
Often DF’s go and look for answers via mediums. Some mediums are right, but there are
also people saying things like: “You will reunite with your twin soul in 10 or 30 years. It will
happen eventually sometime, but not in the near future.” Most mediums in my case were
wrong. My clients often go to mediums who are telling them all kinds of things. Nine times
they mention good stuff and if they say something negative once, for example: “’It’s not there
for you”, you are giving your control and power to that other person.
Statements like: “If it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be” are floated richly. Let me have the
outlook (just like Abraham Hicks): “It’s meant to be, if you want it to be”. Do you think the
divine needs a year or even 10 years to unite you and your twin flame? The divine can do
anything, in the here and now, in this time, the union with your twin soul is ready. The only
thing is you DF aren’t choosing it yet. It doesn’t matter to the divine if you will come together
in this life or in the next one (if you believe in having multiple lives). You have the divine in
you! You can let go of the when and the how, but don’t let go of your wish. Your surroundings
will mention often: “You have to let it go”. Sometimes you can make your union something
that’s so big, you can only see happiness in union. But you can also go in the energy of
being happy already no matter if there’s a person in your life or just being happy on your
own. This way you choose from a place of freedom and this makes it a non-suffocating
situation for the DM. Believe it’s a 100% guarantee and it will happen. You can relax now and
enjoy yourself, no matter the when of your union in 3D.
The essential oil from Infinirgy which can provide support with this topic is the Memory oil. It
helps you to remind who you actually are and focus on the answers from above. This way
you are going out of the state being in doubt into actually choosing your twin soul.
Love yourself enough and don’t leave your power and control about your life up to other

Send you love & light,
Lorraine Vesterink

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