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How to become a magnet for your twin!

You can become a magnet for your twin soul by stepping into your true healthy divine feminine energy! Here are the 7 differences between wounded and healthy feminine energy.

  1. Be a victim versus being responsible 

The way you choose your words to describe your situation, determine if you’re seeing yourself as a victim or if you’re taking the full responsibility for the situation. If you choose to be responsible, you’re much closer to union than acting like a victim. Three questions to find out if you are taking responsibility for your life.

  1. Are you manifesting like a master?

2. Are you in charge of your own life?

3. Are you the creator of your best reading ever?

Don’t let yourself become dependent on the opinion of other people about you. And also not on what your twin soul is saying, thinking or ‘feeling’ at this moment. It all starts within you!
Do you want a better world for yourself? Take responsibility for your own wishes. You create your world by feeling it’s already there. Don’t act like the victim by living with the idea of absence from the things that aren’t there (yet), because no one can become a magnet if they keep doing this.

  1. Complaining versus showing gratitude

When you are in the victim role, you may be tempted to complain about things, for example about money shortness or feeling short in love. If you decide to be responsible for your own life and feel like it’s already there, even if it isn’t yet, you show gratitude. You automatically create more things in your life to be grateful for. You can use the following sentence:

  • I am so happy and grateful for…

By following my suggestions, it could make you feel like you’re fooling yourself. Pretending you already have things. That’s right, you’re right. It’s a way of fooling yourself, until it becomes the reality in real life. You are always fooling yourself. If you have negative thoughts that aren’t real, you aren’t honest to yourself as well. However manifesting negative thoughts aren’t contributory to your union and it only causes more negative things to happen. When you are already busy creating things, you might as well make it positive ones!

I know out of experience negative self talk, staying in a victim role and complaining, won’t get you far. In fact, it will take you even further away from your goal. The moment I could shift my energy from wounded to healthy and true, my twin soul and I were in union. If you want to stay in union, you will have to choose again and again to be in the healthy divine feminine energy. Your twin soul will always trigger you in the connection if you decide to step in the wounded divine feminine energy again. This isn’t fun for the both of you. Your DM will also show you this wounded side if this situation occurs. First choose for this energy yourself and follow by giving others including your divine masculine, the opportunity to also step into his healthy and pure divine masculine energy. 

  1. Pleasing versus setting healthy boundaries

In the past I have been an incredible pleaser. Maybe you recognize it in yourself as well. It is much more functional if you set boundaries in a loving way sooner. Every time you choose to stay calm and express from a love perspective what you need, instead of blowing everything wide open with escalations coming from anger. If you have escalations with each other, you will get more and more distance between you. If you can set boundaries out of love, you choose connection. Because of this you will grow towards each other more and more.

  1. Confirmation (from outside world) versus self love

When you have a confident mind about yourself, you don’t need confirmations from other people. If you need confirmation from your twin soul at this moment, for example if he of she still loves you, wants to build a future with you or will choose for you, you still haven’t chosen for yourself the way you should. You don’t make yourself a priority and you don’t feel enough self love towards yourself at this point. If you want to work on this, you can follow our classes on Self love in Twin soul school. You can also use the Happy oil out of the essential oils collection by Infinirgy. It will empower your positive believes.

  1. Afraid to tell the truth versus living your truth

You can be hesitant to open up yourself, be vulnerable and declare your feelings. You are still afraid of loosing your twin. You don’t mention things, out of fear the other one will run away from you. You are aloud to speak your truth and live according to it. Don’t hide yourself, don’t be anonymous in Twin soul school or on our channel. At first I also found it very scary to put my face on the internet (You-Tube) with my full name. I made a living as a Financial adviser and teacher. Meanwhile I am not that person anymore. Ground yourself in your DF energy and spread your view on things. It’s totally fine if other people see it in a different way, but you may stand your truth. This is not me telling you, to go up to your twin and lecture him about all kind of things being coming from your wounded divine feminine energy. You may stand up straight, preach what you believe in and go after your soul mission.

  1. Negative self talk versus a positive mental diet

A lot of people, maybe including yourself as well, go to bed at the end of the day, thinking about what they haven’t done. They haven’t done the washing, paid the bills etc. They are disappointed in themselves, thinking about doing it tomorrow perhaps, but also thinking it will not succeed then as well, because they don’t feel positive. The result is staying awake all night.

Following a positive mental diet means you will try to consciously monitor your subconscious thoughts. If you catch yourself thinking negatively, you will mention to yourself: No. I don’t want to create this at all! This is what I want, this is how I want to feel!

  • I feel loved.
  • I feel noticed.
  • I feel heard.
  • I am perfect and okay, just the way I am.
  • I am doing things the right way.
  • I just have to be myself and that’s perfect!
  • I don’t have to try anymore.
  • I attract positive things into my life.
  • I am so blessed.
  • My twin will be on my doorstep again today!

A healthy mental diet means speaking to yourself in a loving way. You will mention to yourself it will all be okay all the time, your life is wonderful as it is already. Isn’t life great! Negative self talk is the unhealthy divine feminine energy speaking.

  1. Comparing yourself to others  versus true healthy DF Energy!

There is no competition, while there is no separation. So don’t give any thoughts to a third party You are the queen (of King) of your life! Step into your divine feminine energy and inspire other DF’s to do the same and to shine their light. This is meant to be! To balance your emotions, you can use the essential oils by Infinirgy (with affirmation cards). 

On your own this journey can be tough, but remember… you aren’t alone! We are here to support you and inspire you to become a magnet for your twin soul today!
Your true Divine Feminine Energy is a magnet to your twin!

Send you love & light,
Lorraine Vesterink

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