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Forgive using these 4 sentences

Especially during December in regards to the holidays, forgiveness is beautiful to experience. Ho’oponopono is the ritual for forgiveness developed in Hawaii. Everybody could benefit from this. Particularly during your twin soul journey, the journey to self love and unconditional love, going hand in hand with forgiveness. If you are really true to yourself, you know you can’t go without. You can also use the forgiveness meditation in the course  ‘Heal your past’.

If you don’t forgive, emotions can set into your body

In this blog we focus on the Ho’oponopono. If you don’t forgive, it can lead to all kinds of physical difficulties. For example anger, grieve or pain can come to the surface if you can’t forgive. It has to be released out of the body so healthy feelings can flow through the body again. Healing is the main goal to reach this state. You can also follow the course Pure in Twin soul school. 

Practicing forgiveness is for you

Often after a session of forgiveness with our clients, the DM will contact the DF. It could be the case you don’t experience feelings of anger and sadness and therefore won’t feel the urge to forgive or heal. If this was the case, you would be in a permanent harmonious union with your twin soul. So if not, you may see things as they really are. It could be you are angry or frustrated at your twin soul without noticing. For example because your twin soul doesn’t want to commit yet. Or maybe your twin soul is ignoring you or does something else you’re not happy with.

And yes.. you can have these feelings along side the unconditional love you feel for your twin flame. It could be you don’t notice you are angry at yourself as a DF. Because you are holding on too tide to your twin flame. The divine masculine response by not choosing you, even though he wants to. Because of the energetic connection it isn’t possible yet for the DM and he or she goes the opposite way of your desire. If there is balance between you two, this won’t happen anymore. 

Your assignment is to look within yourself and forgive yourself. You hold the key for this union to happen when you are really ready. Use the forgiveness ritual for this as well. So now let me explain the meaning of this forgiveness ritual from Hawaii.

Ho’oponopono exists of 4 sentences:

  1. I am sorry
  2. Please forgive me
  3. I thank you
  4. And I love you

Sentence number 3 is most important in this ritual. At a certain time you can let go of all four sentences and just picture your twin flame in front of you and tell him/her you love them. 

If you feel anger, you are allowed to express this to each other, but… please try to do this in a lovely way. First look within. Often if you experience feelings of anger, there’s first something in yourself you have to apologize for. There are always two sides to a story.

To enhance your ritual please use the Essential oils on Infinirgy.com. I have listed the specific oils, that are useful for forgiveness.

  • The Love oil is made out of 100% rose petals. It enhances the flow of unconditional divine love.
  • The Intuïty oil is a beautiful oil for following your intuition and healing your inner child. This is made out of 100% Ylang ylang.
  • The Happy oil is useful in case you have feelings of anger, sadness/grieve or fears in your body. It contains out of 100% bergamot. Don’t use while experiencing sunlight.  
  • Personally I had a lot of  support from the Trusty oil. This oil helps you to keep having faith and everything is going according to plan. This oil contains 100% geranium. You can find the essential oils at https://www.infinirgy.com

Good luck sweetheart,
Lorraine Vesterink

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