We hebben ontdekt dat je misschien een andere taal spreekt.

Wil je veranderen in:

*Sluit af en wissel niet van taal.

How to unite with your twin soul?
Source picture: Corbie Mitleid

How to grow into union with your twin soul? I listed 7 stages for you, from the first moment you went in separation with your twin soul. Let’s go!

  1. Grief

After the first separation you feel an immense kind of grief. You are surprised by the amount of grief you are feeling and how much your soul is aching. You cry for hours and your heart is in real physical pain quite often. 

  1. Old wounds

If that wasn’t enough, old wounds come to the surface. You didn’t even know you had these wounds in you. You discover it’s time and meant to do something about it.

  1. Acceptation

During the acceptation stage you are accepting you guys are no longer together anymore or continuing a relationship. You become somewhat calmer inside yourself. During this stage you can also discover your true mission. You can also find out you’re a ‘lightworker’. This can give joy and purpose in your life!

  1. Healing on a deeper level

During this stage you are going to release all old wounds and fill these up with love. A tool providing you help during this stage is the Heal your past-method. This method walks along aside you, step by step, completely on your own, without a coach needed to guide you trough it. The method is available on this website https://www.twinsoulschool.com/.

  1. Self love

You were already feeling self confident. In this stage you discover the meaning of Self love and it is necessary to let it grow a little bit more inside you. You can also start creating. For example starting to paint, creating a play, writing a book, developing in your job or discovering a new passion. You are doing things on your own that are giving you more and more joy. 

  1. I’m alright being on my own.

Now you have the feeling you are happy in your life you created and actually are not in need to be with your twin flame. You don’t need your DM anymore to feel happy. You have found your balance and released the stage of feeling you are lacking in all kinds of things. 

No matter what the outcome may be, you are okay on your own and with every scenario might happening.

During these stages your twin flame pops up several times. Little check-ins might occur, like sending a message, giving a short call or paying a visit .You feel the chemistry big times on either side, only not much is happening at this time. Apparently you both aren’t ready yet.

Let’s continue…

  1. Manifesting

In this last stage leading up to union between you and your twin flame, you are going to assume things. Of course your twin flame loves you to the moon and back and around the world! Your assumptions about your twin flame are going to be released by you. You are going to shift thoughts like him heaving a fear of commitment, only focussing on working, being subconscious etc. Out with the negative, in with the positive! To help you shift your believes, you can write or say out loud these following affirmations every day. 


  • I am in a relationship with my twin soul.
  • My twin soul loves me and stays with me.
  • A twin soul relationship is a beautiful relationship.
  • We are meant for each other.
  • Because of the twin soul connection I feel a stronger connection to myself.
  • We are in a harmonious loving relationship.


Choose the beautiful side in this journey and leave behind you acting like a victim. Climb out of the cinema seat and become the director, producer and protagonist of your own movie. You are the creator! It’s really up to you how your year will look like!

Most important thing to remember… you are just perfect!

Send you love & light,
Lorraine Vesterink

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