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Are Harry & Meghan twin souls? 21-12

Are Harry & Meghan twin souls? Is it an interesting question? I honestly don’t think so because who cares about labels? Not me? I care about unconditional love. Still I’m making a video about whether Harry and Meghan are twin souls. I have only one goal: more unconditional love for everyone.

There’s no better day than 12-21-22 for this. 21-12 are mirror numbers. The numbers are at a turning point. You can turn the tide on this day, if you want to have a different outcome than at this point. 2022 represents confidence. Trust in an outcome that’s perfect, so you can turn the tide and make the next year look different for everyone worldwide.

Okay, let’s get into whether Harry and Meghan are twin souls.

According to expert Cassady Caine, they are. I have a lot of respect for my colleague teacher Cassady Caine. I have been officially together with my twin soul for three years now and we will be celebrating our fourth Christmas together this weekend. But way back, when we weren’t together, I followed Cassady. I think she helps people in a pleasant way. Thank you for your life’s work Cassady.

I would also like to thank Iris Goldstein from Marie Claire. He posted an article in the UK on Marie Claire about Cassady Caine saying Harry and Meghan are twin souls. In doing so, Iris introduces the subject twin souls to a wider audience. Thank you Iris, from the bottom of my heart for taking this step. It contributes to my mission to spread more unconditional love.

Of course, I watched the Netflix series and I can see unconditional love between the couple. There are more similarities to find between twin souls and in this case Harry and Meghan. Yet only 20% of the followers on this channel think they are twin souls. 20% has no idea, 25% believe they are soul mates and 35% think things are different and even believe it’s a karmic relationship. The last group of people have the opinion that the couple brings a lot of negativity and Meghan is withdrawing Prince Harry from his family. Is that true? If you read the media, it seems that way… but from my perspective I see two people meaning well. They are loving to each other and to others and make choices with the best intentions, however they seem not good enough anyway according to their surroundings.

Let’s have a look at even more similarities between twin souls.

As you know, the twin soul journey consists of a number of stages. It starts with the bubble love phase. As you might have noticed, this phase clearly happened between Harry and Meghan. On the third date, he took her to Botswana. That reminds me of my first date with my twin soul at a castle nearby my residence. They both knew… this is my husband… this is my wife… we are going to grow old together.. This is very common in twin soul connections, it also occurs between soulmates and karmic soulmates.

Phase 2 contains abruptly interruption of the previous phase. You only see this happening between twin flames. In Harry and Meghan’s case, this isn’t happening because of their own fault, but because of their environment. After they had an intimate phase between the two of them, the happiness was disrupted by announcing their relationship in public and the chaos began.

With twin flames usually the divine feminine gets triggered by her divine masculine. In this case, they were triggered by their family and the press. This would point more towards soul mates. As a divine feminine it is often the case you aren’t feeling good enough for your DM.

Meghan had also the feeling she wasn’t good enough fitting in, not because of her DM but because of everything that happened to her. This is different regarding most twin souls, but leaving this difference aside, I see a lot of similarities. Meghan wrote articles about self-love and self-esteem. Typically something the divine feminine would do. This is a point of recognition to me, writing also a lot about these topics.

Twin flames are meant to break taboos and spread more light.
They are also often an example for others. You can see the couple clearly breaking barriers by being the first black person in the royal house just like Obama was at the time.

They break taboos and try to spread light, but in my opinion they are hindered in doing so. No matter how well-meant things are, it is often misinterpreted. Twin souls may also learn to set boundaries and shine their light on things that aren’t right, which I respect enormously. Harry and Meghan sometimes obeyed to the expectations of others around them. For example Meghan didn’t invite her niece which she was very close with, to her wedding, even though she felt the decision wasn’t right. I don’t think this was a good decision and she does regret it afterwards. Luckily, things are settled between the two of them, because they have unconditional love for each other. Her niece forgives Meghan and understands that it was not a lack of love but out of fear of what the press would write about it. I think this is one of the life lessons that made the couple is decide they are making their own choices by heart.

Twin souls always forgive each other no matter what.
They talk positively about each other and to each other and I also see this between Harry and Meghan. They look and talk to each other in a very loving way. They refer to themselves as a fantastic team. They don’t tear each other down (this would be a karmic sign).

Twin flames often have to overcome barriers, TO COME AND STAY TOGETHER.
People around you two can have opinions like: Is it all worth it? Friends of Harry and Meghan did ask these questions towards the couple. You can also ask yourself this question if you are on the twin soul journey. Is it all worth it? People around me also asked these type of questions to me. I even thought it on my own sometimes. 

Twin souls can have differences in age, religion, race, origin or live at a different continent. You sometimes also see that twin souls have grown up in a mirroring way. You can also see this between Harry and Meghan: different race, her parents were hardworking ordinary people, living in California above a garage and Prince Harry… well he lived in a palace. When they were dating Meghan lived in Canada, Harry in London.

Other twin souls are dealing with other differences such as age, religion or relationship status (for one or the other, or perhaps both). I think King Charles and Camilla got together later in life but deep in their hearts wished this had happened sooner. There’s love between the two. I can see clearly them fitting well together.

Between twin souls you can also see them making the same choices.
Harry and Meghan both choose living in service and are fiercely against injustice. They are both volunteers and want to encourage people to express themselves. Harry and Meghan both had feelings of being lonely as a child and they both longed for a normal family life and unconditional love. They are both old souls, her mother says so and I can see this in the series. They are on the path of Ascension and become aware stronger along the way. Of course, they make mistakes, but so do humans, which they are. Apart from each other they already had common interests as a child (you often see this between soul mates). They have an animal symbol : penguins, because they stay together for their whole lives. That reminds me of all twin flame animal symbols, to me it’s flamingo’s.

You also see that history repeats itself and it keeps repeating itself when you don’t resolve patterns in the family. For instance: ANNOUNCEMENT BIRTH OF THEIR CHILD ON THE SAME DAY AS HARRY BIRTH BY DIANA. And of course the media’s hunt for Princess Diana and so many years later towards Harry and Meghan.

I recognize myself in this story. Family patterns repeat themselves in my family as well. The similarity is people feeling abandoned. Harry and Meghan both had divorced parents and Harry lost his beautiful mother. So I think we can learn from this by shedding some light on the fear of abandonment. We are not abandoned, we are not alone, in fact I have a strong believe we are all 1 and that we learn this insight on earth, just the way it’s meant to be. Because having unconditional love for your twin flame, means you can learn to love other people unconditionally as well.

I always make choices with the best of intentions towards my parents, but whatever I do, it feels like it’s never good enough. However, I think that my parents also make choices based on their best of intentions… so everyone gives their best. So isn’t everyone good enough? I love my parents unconditionally, even though my mother ignores me and my father left me when I was a baby. I forgive, have compassion and I love them. Of course, I was also angry and sad for a while, but the trick is to climb the emotional ladder with your emotions and follow the words of the Bible: ‘Turn the other cheek’. This doesn’t mean, if you hit me, I’ll turn the other cheek so you can hit the other one. No it means… you may set the intention for the turning point. What would you like to turn for you? Not so much your cheek. That’s just a word, a symbol. You may set your intention towards the things you DO want and that is usually the opposite of what you have now or what you have encountered in the past.

For example: you want an apology from the person hurting you. Harry & Meghan want an apology from people in the royal house. You cannot demand an apology. It doesn’t work that way! No one has to apologize to you. You can’t force anyone. You have no right for an apology, but you do have the right to change yourself inside. What do you really want? Do you want an apology, or would you rather wish it never happened and having parents loving you unconditionally. Turning the other cheek means you focus on that. When you focus on apologies, your focus is on the problem and the past. Stop doing this is my sincere advice to you. Start focusing on love, what dó you want.

My Christmas message for everyone worldwide is focus on the good, on compassion, forgiveness and above all; safety. Not only for others, but also for yourself. What would you like to give to yourself now and what could you have done differently? Accept you gave your best and you are already good enough. You are definitely okay and you don’t have to look for relief anymore. When you radiate light in the here and now it is good. There is only now. The power of love is here now. So… together in the here and now, let’s give light to yourself.. but also to everyone you want to send light to. I send love and light to my parents, to all loyal and new followers on this channel, to Harry & Meghan and their parents including Princess Diana,

but also to the press. You’ve done your best for your employer to get the best photos, the best articles, but always remember when you make something: Would the people you talk and write about appreciate it? If not, don’t publish it. Stay true to your own image in the mirror, staring back to you. I publish this video with the intention that the royal house, Harry and Meghan, the press, you as a viewer and of course my parents appreciate what I do, but I can’t force anyone. This is only my intention. I love you all. And I wish you loving days and everything you wish for in 2023.

If you have a different opinion and you don’t like this message, I challenge you to start a channel or blog for yourself. I want to keep my channel clean and loving. Everything that isn’t in alignment with my purpose I will remove, because this channel is about unconditional love, I am available for that. To give and receive this love. I really love to see you in the next video, when you like and follow, both you and others will get more love videos like this.

Concluding, are Harry and Meghan twin souls or not? Twin souls are growing more and more in union when they are together, and I can see this happening between them. What they did separately before coming together in their marriage when they started working together. You can also see this with soulmates, but karmic soulmates grow further and further apart until there is nothing left. Soulmates have a much quieter life than twin souls and the situation of Harry and Meghan is not exactly calm.

A twin soul relationship is not a fairy tale.. and it wasn’t a fairytale! Anyway. Only the couple can answer the question, because there is only one proven way to find out and that is to realize that your twin soul is your mirror soul and mirrors everything back to you and that the choices you make from within (without saying this in person to your twin soul) are directly mirrored back by your twin flame. See my earlier video: How to be 100% sure you met your twin soul or take a look at the video with the 12 signs and 8 phases.

Do you have a question that you would like being answered in a video let me know and also let me know what your Christmas idea is for the world: please formulate it positively. So don’t message what you would not like to have… but send me a positive view on what you do want! Turn the other cheek… and there’s no better day than today… 21 12 the turning point.

Much love to everyone!


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