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The guarantee you met your twin flame

How to know for sure you have met your twin flame? Is it possible to be sure? Yes, it

Today I am giving you the number one proven way to recognize your twin flame.
Somebody on my channel asked me the following question: How do I know for sure I
am dealing with my twin flame? She was afraid to do all the work for nothing.
At first I would like to mention, as you know for yourself as well, you’ll never do the
work for nothing. You are changing towards the better version of yourself! This is for
your higher good.

Do you want to become the better version of yourself and become
a magnet to your twin soul? Start with Twin soul school year 1 in combination with
the book: How to unite with your twin soul.

The only way to know for sure if you are dealing with your twin flame is to
acknowledge your twin soul is your mirror soul. Your divine masculine will mirror
everything back to you.

Every feeling, every thought, every fear, everything! Everything that is going on inside you, will be mirrored back by your twin flame.

I’m going to show you three examples. You will recognize these people are twin

  1. From my own experience, when I met my twin flame, everything was super
    romantic. Later on I started to fear he would cancel a date. What do you think
    happened? Exactly, he cancelled a date. We are in a relationship for over 3
    years now. If I know something for sure, my twin flame mirrors it back to me
    instantly. I wanted to go on a holiday with our family or just the two of us and I
    imagined it was already happening. My twin flame suddenly suggested to go
    on a holiday. He took the initiative and offered the idea to me! Isn’t it great?
    This proves your twin flame mirrors everything back to you.
  2. I was teaching a class in Twin soul school and one of my students
    commented, she hadn’t heard a single thing from her twin flame for over a
    week. They were speaking to each other every day before this happened. First
    there wasn’t any contact or not on a regular base. Since she started Twin soul
    school it became a daily contact. In this case her twin flame didn’t contact her
    for over a week, this wasn’t usual. She was afraid something happened to him
    and asked me if she could contact him. She wanted to ask him, if he was okay
    and exchange her worries. I responded saying she could definitely contact
    him. When you’re true to yourself, you can ask your twin flame everything. I
    suggested her, to make her own story, picturing him thinking of her and
    wanting to be in a relationship with her. Saying he loved contact with her and
    would contact her every day again. Half an hour after the webinar, she
    received a message from her twin flame saying he was ill for the past week
    and couldn’t contact her. SHE decided to regain the contact, HE contacted her
    in 3D the same day. It’s very easy to have more contact with your twin soul.
  3. Another example when one of my students told me, she also hadn’t heard
    from hear twin soul in about a week. His reason was he just simply lost his
    phone. This was the reason he hadn’t made contact with her. She decided in
    her energy he would reach out again, and so he did.

    Now you have three examples showing you your twin flame mirrors everything back to you, what’s inside you. I would love to hear in the comments below if you find it easy or
    somewhat difficult to reunite and come into a relationship with your twin soul.
    Knowing your DM is your mirror soul, it will help you to know you have the full control
    about everything.

    If you would like to change something in your relationship, you just have to change
    yourself. Your mirror, your mirror soul, will change along with you. To me it is the
    most simple relationship ever. And the most beautiful one. I love being together with
    my twin flame and I believe he experiences it the same way. At least I notice him
    enjoying every day being together. I also love seeing all the pictures of twin souls that
    are together in union! It brings me lots of joy.

    I have the intention this blog is helpful to you and you can now understand the
    connection on a higher level. You will have more contact with your twin soul and you
    will be reunited with your DM. Follow our channel on You-Tube and this website
    featuring more information.

    See you next time! Send you love and light,
    Lorraine Vesterink

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