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How to recognize your twin flame: 12 signs & 8 stages

How to know if you’re dealing with your twin flame? You can’t run away from this
journey. The purpose of this journey is to find out who you really are. No other
person in the world, can give you a 100% guarantee if someone is your twin flame. Even though some people say they can, this isn’t the case.

There are some parallels I noticed, talking to many twin souls. These parallels are written from the perspective of the Divine Feminine. This is the twin soul with dominantly female energy and is internationally called the “divine feminine” (DF). The twin soul with dominantly male energy is called the “divine masculine” (DM). The divine masculine experiences the journey differently. The female twin soul can either be a man or a woman. In most cases the Divine Feminine is female.

I will give you 12 signs and 8 stages to help you recognize your twin flame

  1. You can’t stop thinking about this person. 

    You have done everything in your power trying to forget this person, your twin
    flame. You tried all kinds of techniques. No matter the effort, you don’t succeed in
    doing so. You almost obsessively keep thinking about this person. If this is the case, you could be dealing with your twin flame. You have the feeling you are going insane or you have lost your mind. You think about this person when you wake up, go to bed, during the day or when you see something that remembers you about your beloved twin soul. If you are questioning if your DM is also thinking about you? Yes he (she) is, not as often as you do, but sure your twin soul is also thinking about you!
  2. You mirror each other.

    You and/or your twin soul notice you are not the same, but you mirror each other. Even other people recognize you two are mirroring each other. Also your twin
    flame can express this to you or to other people. It’s a misunderstanding that twin souls resemble each other in behavior and competences or act and think exactly the same. They will not, because they are perfectly complementary to each other. It’s like the Yin-Yang sign: It’s mirrored and it fits together perfectly. You can be triggered, for example your twin soul ignores you and therefore you don’t feel not good enough. Then it’s necessary for you to heal this old wound.
  1. You are a match made in heaven. 

    Your twin flame and you are the perfect match for each other because you
    strengthen each other. Also your looks are a great match. Outsiders often
    think the two of you are a (married) couple, even though there might be a big age difference. You do share the same energy and appearance, you have the same expression in your face. This doesn’t mean you have to look like each other. You can for sure have a different skin tone or eye colour and still radiate the same kind of light. We receive a lot of pictures of twin souls and we almost immediately recognize these two are a match made in heaven.
  2. You make similar life choices.

    This can be big life events or little choices in everyday life. For example
    working in the same industry, a comparable education, moving to another country, traveling the same way or the desire to have children. But also similar things on a small scale like buying similar household items, wearing the same color or eating the same meal. You can have a similar operation scheduled, both being sick at the same time or there’s a power cut in both your houses. It can occur there are similar appearances in looks in your family or you have the same family composition. You can also sigh, think, or say something at the same time. These similarities are very obvious and giving you reassurance and confirmation that you’ve found your twin soul. Moreover, this will make your life easier when you are in union. Your lives will fit in well together.
  3. You experience the 8 stages of the twin soul journey.  

    1) The Bubble Love phase.
    At the beginning of your twin soul journey the twin flame couple often experience the honeymoon period. A romance develops, you are completely in love and you feel that this is what you have always wished for.

    2) Then there’s the unexpected break-up.
    The Bubble Love phase has ended unexpectedly, due to fear of commitment, fear of separation, difference in age, religion or environment, income, due to another relationship or another but unclear reason.

    3) The divine masculine ignores the divine feminine.
    Most of the times the DF being ignored by the DM and you have no idea why. Following by a feeling there’s something not quite right.

    4) You discover that you are twin souls.
    You will find video’s on internet about twin flames or someone says you may have met your twin soul.

    5) The DF starts her healing process.
    You decide to work on yourself and The DM will automatically heal with you.

    6) The contact is slightly coming back between you and your twin flame, but there isn’t a relationship yet. It seems to be going somewhere, but it’s not coming through yet.

    7) You are more content and happy with yourself and your life.
    You continue to develop yourself and might be start living your soul mission. You don’t need your twin soul anymore, because you are quite okay without your DM.

    8) You can receive your bonus: twin flame union
    The choice is up to you. If you really choose to want to be together with your twin flame, your other half will automatically follow your decision. If you choose your twin soul from within your DM comes running back to you to build your relationship together. After that you two finally can form a harmonious union.
  4. You have never felt so much unconditional love

    Never in your whole lifetime you have experienced this amount of unconditional
    love for one person. You wholeheartedly wish this person the top best. Whatever
    the DM decides or does, your unconditional love keeps flowing. You
    immediately forgive your twin flame.Maybe you long for so much more, but there are no conditions towards your twin soul to receive your love.
  5. Friends and family often see the relationship coming before you do

    Your surroundings often think your twin is a nice person and a good match. Often
    they see the relationship coming before you do. For example your children or your parents.

    It can be that the environment sees that you fit well together, but that difference in belief, background, age, race, location or education might stand in the way. it is then up to you to break this taboo as in the case with Harry & Meghan.

    If the DM is still in a relationship with someone else, the surroundings notice it isn’t good for your DM. Sometimes everyone sees it, except your DM.
  6. Striking coincidences

    Names, dates of birth, residences or other things. It isn’t a requirement for you to
    be twin flames. In some cases you don’t even notice these coincidences. These are details you might not even know about your twin. Possibly you discover these
    similarities later on in your connection. It is a funny way of the universe to show
    you, you are dealing with your twin flame and letting you know to keep on going
    and persist. It doesn’t matter how long the list of “coincidences” is. It gave me confirmation and strength to persist during difficult times.

  1. Lots of synchronicities and double numbers

    Synchronicities and double digits can indicate your are dealing with your true twin soul, but they also occur with a (karmic) soulmate. In this case you are also on the twin flame journey and are learning lessons beneficial for your twin flame union. Always trust your gut feeling. Don’t feel guilty to end a karmic relationship, especially not when the lessons are learned. Remember: he or she also deserves true love. Sometimes letting go is the most loving thing you can do.
  2. You support each other

    Your twin flame will always stimulate you, whether it’s consciously or
    subconsciously to develop yourself on a personal level, growing into
    a stronger person and stimulate you to inspire other people. For example going
    for a promotion, writing a book or follow an education. It is possible your twin
    flame hasn’t got any affection with the subject. It is also common the DM has no affinity with the concept of twin flames and has no desire to label your relationship. This doesn’t mean the love for you isn’t unconditional or big enough. It is!
  3. There is mostly harmony between you

    There are no big escalations. Of course you can have a disagreement or an argument. But.. it never takes up a lot of time. Especially when you are a healed person, every
    trigger brings you closer to each other. In fact, you can’t be very mad at each
    other. You can endure a lot more from your twin flame and you forgive each other almost immediately. The same issues would be a deal breaker if you had them with other persons. The longer you’re together, the more harmoniously it becomes and you grow into oneness.
  4. Being happy on your own is a condition to unite

    The only way to come together in a relationship with your twin flame is by being
    happy on your own. It’s never the other way around. At first you make contact with
    your higher self, there’s where your true happiness lies. Because of that you
    have a positive feeling regarding relationships and towards yourself.
    Loving yourself and feeling whole follows and you become a magnet towards your twin
    flame! Your twin flame will always subconsciously, trigger your old wounds. He
    will continue doing so until you reach the point of standing fully in your power and feel fully happy on your own. This can feel very contradictory. When you no longer need your twin flame, your twin comes into your life.

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Sending you love & light,
Lorraine Vesterink

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