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7 differences between a twin soul and other relationships

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A relationship with your twin soul works differently than with someone else.
So… what’s the difference between a ‘normal’ relationship and a twin soul relationship? If I talk about a normal relationship in this blog, I don’t mean a karmic relationship.

Let me give you 7 differences:

  1. No one is a bigger mirror for you than your twin soul

Your twin soul is your best coach. No one mirrors you as wholly and completely as your twin soul. With other people this isn’t the case. Of course, everyone is a reflection of you, but no one is a better mirror for you than your twin soul. This is also the reason why you’re more triggered by your twin soul. The DM isn’t doing this on purpose. If someone is hurting you on purpose, then you are not dealing with your twin soul.

Things a twin soul can do: reject, ignore or abandon/leave. Your twin soul will bring out old patterns from your past, in order for you to become the most beautiful, strongest and happiest version of yourself. Once you’ve healed your old wounds, the trigger moments will decrease over time.

  1. There’s never a lack of love 

If you are not yet in a relationship with your twin flame, it isn’t because of a lack of love. Your divine masculin can feel overwhelmed by your love. Tour twin flame may be blinded by a karmic partner or confuse you with this karmic partner. Another possibility is that your twin flame is still stuck in a brother sister relationship.

Most DM’s are not used to receiving unconditional love in a relationship. Therefor they doesn’t quite trust what’s going on between them and the DF. The DM’s just see themselves as an ‘ordinary’ person. They might feel not good enough for you. This can lead to the DM rejecting the DF. Other people might say to you, he or she just doesn’t love you enough. Trust me: This isn’t the case at all.

3. The greatest unconditional love there is

Sometimes the love for your twin flame can feel even greater than the love for your children or other loved ones. You want the very best for your twin flame and you would do anything for him or her. The DF has such a good feeling about the potential relationship, but the DM, especially during separation, can’t get to this same place yet. Both souls experience the same process in a totally different way.

Subconsciously you may have longed for this type of love all your life. The feelings you have for your twin flame, you have never felt for anyone else. It amazes you how much love you can feel for this person. You feel the enormous flow of love in a very strong way and you especially want to give all the love that is within you. During this journey, however, you learn to be able to give this unconditional love to yourself first.

  1. A twin soul relationship is an inner journey towards yourself

A lot of people want to meet their twin flame nowadays. It seems like a fairy tale from their perspective. They like the story of two bodies and one soul and the unconditional love part.
But… actually it isn’t a fairy tale at all. It’s more like a movie based on your own fears. If you can turn this into a movie that’s written out of love and trust, it will become a beautiful love story. That’s where I come in. I love to help people to turn their fearful thoughts into loving thoughts, so their life changes into the life they love and deserve. Everyone deserve to be loved unconditionally in my opinion.

The journey to yourself is necessary to get into a relationship with your twin flame. This makes the twin soul journey a personal development process. You don’t experience this in a different relationship in this way. The DF is doing the healing work, the DM automatically changes along with your process. Perhaps, You aren’t seeing your growth, but you’re improving enormously. The moment you don’t need your twin soul and his confirmation anymore, he will come to you!

When I can’t get rid of it, I want the best possible for us and for me that was: being and staying together in a happy relationship with my twin soul and our children.

  1. You can’t get your twin soul out of your head

No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t get your twin flame out of your head. People often mistake this for a regular crush, but deep down you know this love feels different. You just know there is a difference. The love for your twin flame never ends. Sometimes you want it to be over and you hope the feeling will fade away, but it never will when you’re dealing with your twin soul. When I discovered this I thought: When I can’t get rid of it, I want the best possible for us and for me that was: being and staying together in a happy relationship with my twin soul and our children.

  1. Your twin soul will always return to you

Your true twin soul will always come back into your life. You can’t run away from yourself forever. One day you will find out who you really are and stay true to yourself. That’s the moment your twin soul will find his (her) way back to you. If you’re doing your best to let go of your twin flame, it’s possible you’ll run into your twin soul unexpectedly. Sometimes you feel this happening in advance. You cannot do this on purpose. Imagine that you consciously let go of your twin flame with the goal of meeting him or her, then it just won’t work. In an ordinary relationship things like this don’t happen. When it’s done, it’s done. Of course, you can decide to give the relationship another chance, but in another relationship, the person does not stay on your mind constantly and comes back into your life, as is the case with a twin flame.

  1. You get closer to each other

If you are together a lot in the beginning, the DM may withdraw a bit. He literally has to catch his breath. The feelings that come up take time to process. Your twin soul will ask for space. This may feel like a rejection to you, but it isn’t. Always give your twin soul space. That is unconditional love. Spending more and more time together little by little will become easier over time. If you build it up slowly, you can see each other more often and longer, without the DM running away from you. In the end you want to be close toe each other all the time. You can even decide to work together and live your soul mission together. You and your twin flame will become more and more aligned. Growing closer together happens in a twin flame relationship.You won’t feel this with any other person because you don’t want to be constantly surrounded by their energy. In another type of relationship, the connection often remains out of habit or attachment, but not out of unconditional love.

My intentions is that you now know the 7 differences so you can decide for yourself what feels right for you. Here you can watch this article in a Youtube video:

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Send you love & light,
Lorraine Vesterink

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