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How to swap roles with your twin soul?

In a twin flame relationship there is often a runner-chaser dynamic, especially in the early stages. The divine feminine is the chaser and the divine masculine the runner. Isn’t it time for you, as the Divine Feminine to change the situation and be valued, appreciated, accepted, respected, cherished, and completely adored by your twin flame?

Don’t you want to be treated like a queen (or a king) instead of feeling like a doormat? Here are the 8 steps to swap roles with your twin flame, in the fastest, easiest and most beautiful way. These 8 steps work super fast to get rid of a runner-chaser dynamic

  1. Visualize your twin soul

    Picture your twin soul in front of you and think of all the fun and beautiful things that you really appreciate about your twin flame. Forget all the pain, sorrow and sadness. Pretend you’re a goldfish with a memory of a few seconds, “blub,” and it’s gone. So in this moment you completely forget about the past and all the negative things. Think of all the wonderful and delightful things, such as how you even love his/her toes, knees, hands, eyes, way of speaking, walking, and moving!
  2. What would it look like when your twin flame feels the same about you

    Now imagine that your twin soul feels the same about you. You are at the same page now. Suppose your twin flame thinks all of these things (that are mentioned in step 1) about you as well. The obsessive feeling and all the thoughts you have about your twin flame are now also being thought by your tf about you! Imagine your masculine twin flame saying: “You’re so amazing! I really love everything about you! You’re my dream partner! Wow, I even love your (fill in the blank)! I think about you all day long and I can’t get you out of my head, I want to be with you all the time.”

Know that you are worth thinking about all day long and truly cared for. Hear your twin flame telling you: “When I’m with you, I feel stronger because of you! You make me the best version of myself! If we are together we radiate so much unconditional love.”

Your twin flame now has all of the thoughts that you constantly have about your twin flame, about you! Imagine this! Feel as if this is true now and expect that this exercise works super quickly!

  1. Accept that you are THE special person for your twin

    You can be the highest priority of your twin. You can mean the world to your them. You are can be the one with whom your twin flame wants to share their life. You are their best romantic partner! Accept that you are it. Accept that you are each other’s twin flames. You are each other’s opposites and mirror souls at the same time. You are, therefore, the best match. You belong together, and you are made for this special type of relationship. You are made to go through this process and love each other unconditionally. You can now receive this unconditional love.

Accept that you are the one who your DM adores. Your twin flame is probably thinking of you at this very moment and holding their phone and wants to send you a message. Envision your twin pressing the send button. This year will be different from other years. It will be the year of even more twin flame unions than last year. If you want to discover how to come together, invest in yourself and contact us for the opportunities if you need our help.

You may find it a strange idea now, but you will increasingly feel that it is normal for you to be in a visible, official relationship, celebrate Christmas and birthdays together, meet each other’s families, live together, travel, or get married.

  1. Be the person you want to be

    In the past, I used to interview CEOs of large companies, one of them told me that when he discovered he wanted to become a CEO, he started behaving like one. Only CEOs in his company were allowed to wear pinstripe suits. He started wearing them too, as well as cufflinks, because he saw them wear those too. He looked at what a CEO did, said, acted, played sports and started doing all of that too. One day, he became the CEO of one of the largest banks in the Netherlands. He told me in an interview that he had reached it in this way. You can copy his successful strategy to swap roles with your twin soul. If you act as if you have already been chosen by your twin flame, they will change their behavior towards you. The connection will be more balanced and that is the ultimate goal.

Act as if your DM adores and spoils you. Be happy and cheerful in life, as if you are already in union with your twin soul. This does not include crying for weeks or months or pretending not to care anymore to make it hurt less. In addition, don’t hide from your friends because you are not the happiest person at the moment and don’t isolate yourself.

Behave like the desirable DF! How would you dress on a night out, how would you smell, what would your home look like when you are already together with your DM? Behave accordingly to bring your twin flame into your life. The twin soul journey is an inner journey. Be honest with yourself. Have you really taken these steps? Are you faithful and loyal to your new version of you? The version that is already in a relationship with your twin flame. You can only switch role with your twin flame by taking all the steps I mentioned and I will give you 4 more steps that might help you.

5. Take your twin soul off the pedestal

Most female twin souls put their divine masculine on a pedestal. Especially during the separation phase. It is likely that when you imagine your twin soul standing in front of you that you place them higher than yourself. You literally look up to your twin soul. If this is the case, you can do the following exercise: imagine your twin flame and lower them in your imagination. In this way you take your DM off the pedestal and be the equal Divine Feminine. Ultimately, you want an equal relationship. In order to achieve this, the roles may need to be switched first. You are also allowed to be adored and respected by your DM, just like you adore and respect them.

6. Stop chasing and obsessive behavior

Every time you want to check your social media or mobile phone, think by yourself: No, wait a minute, my twin soul is thinking of me now. My twin soul is thinking of me and is now looking at my social media to send me a message. The roles have suddenly switched!

You are worth constantly being looked at because you are such a beautiful person. Actually you are the most beautiful person ever for your DM, so it makes sense that your DM thinks about you all the time and sends you messages all the time.

When you want to swap roles, you must stop chasing. Don’t be the one who always have to take the initiative to communicate. Of course, you can be the first to send a message. Especially when you are regularly in contact with each other. But when your DM has said they would rather not have contact or as little contact as possible, and you are still sending messages, then it is chasing and it is unhealthy divine feminine behavior.

When your twin soul sends you a message and you send something back, it is a beautiful interaction in a natural way. As the DF, you may take action, but from flow, trust, and love, not from fear or lack. For example, when the doorbell rings, you open the door. When your phone rings, you answer the phone. That’s the action you need to take. For the rest, you can assume that the doorbell will ring and your twin soul will suddenly be at your doorstep and never leave you. This has happened to me and many students in twin soul school, so make sure you are prepared for this rollercoaster! You can now book a Twin Soul Talk with a twin soul coach who is already together with her twin soul.

  1. Start receiving

Say yes to receiving and decide that you are worthy of unconditional love. Feel this unconditional love for yourself now, put yourself first in your own life and know that you deserve everything you desire, because it is your birthright. You have to be your number one priority. Your twin flame, and you share the same soul, so when you really decide something with your heart and soul, your DM decides this too.

Never blame your twin soul for something, because it is your mirror soul. When you think the ‘mirror’, has made a mistake, you always have to change something within you to get another response from your twin flame. Literally look in the mirror today and see what you can do today to swap roles with your twin soul. Everything can change today! If you need our help to make the right decisions or affirmations to get into a relationship with your twin soul? Don’t hesitate to book a Twin Soul Talk with one of our twin soul coaches.

  1. This year everything will change forever!

You are the creator of your own reality. You hold the key to union with your twin soul. You can decide what the year 2023 will be like. Choose what you want and go for it. Go for the relationship you deserve. I believe that twin soul love is the most beautiful type of love there is. It is possible to get together with your twin soul and it is also there for you too!

I challenge you to make the very best affirmation for you based on the steps you have read in this blog.

In addition, make a list of things which indicate what kind of year it has become. If you look back at this year on December 31, 2023, what has happened this year? Write it down as if it already happened!

2023 was the year that…

… we came together

… we started living together

… decided to have a baby together

… got married

… I started my own business

…. l discovered my soul mission

Did something you read in this blog move you? If so, you can create the affirmation based on that. This will be the best affirmation for you now. I’m curious which affirmation you decide to use and what kind of year 2023 will be for you.

Share your thoughts in the comments below, so I can make even better content for you in the future.

Send you love & light,


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