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How to Manifest the Love you Really Want?

How to make your deepest wishes come true? You absolutely can!

Manifesting is like sending a love letter to the universe.
Believe in the power of your dreams and invite positivity into your life.

I’d love to share a heartwarming story from one of our students.
In just one year, she even received a marriage proposal, while the love of her life was initially unattainable, in a complicated situation.
Their relationship seemed impossible!!
After 4 months of Twin Soul School webinars, they were officially in a relationship, and now they are getting married!

How did she do it? Here her 6 tips for you:

1. Watch all Twin Soul webinars from Year 1 (and later also YEAR 2) – Gather the right wisdom and insights about twin souls.

2. Start your day with 3 TSS Year 1 Meditation Playlist – Set the tone for unconditional love and positivity every day.

3. End your day with a meditation – Release the stress of the day, invite calm, and set your intentions before bedtime.

4. Heal your triggers when needed with the Heal Your Past Method – Take care of your emotional well-being.

5. Write an annual letter and read it twice every day! – Affirm your desires and dreams.

6. Embrace Happywriting – Become happy every day by writing gratitude and love as if you already have everything you desire.

By dedicating herself to her desires, our student opened her heart to their impossible love.

Her key tip:
Infuse love and gratitude into your manifestations, even if there’s nothing to be grateful for yet.
There comes a moment when you believe it, decide that love is there for you, and then… it suddenly appears!
Stay true to her 6 tips to keep the love alive.

This process, directly taken from the Twin Soul School webinars, is like a secret recipe that accelerates every manifestation! Are you excited to create the most beautiful love relationship for yourself?
Follow the webinars and become a member of our Twinsoul.app It’s a place where we connect positively and manifest our dreams together.

Don’t forget to share this important information with friends who also want to manifest what they truly desire. Remember, your heart already has the key to making the impossible possible. You can do this! Looking forward to seeing you in Twin Soul School.

With love,
Lorraine Vesterink

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