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Saturday’s Full Moon in Taurus – Stability for Twin Flames

Let’s prepare for the upcoming full moon in Taurus, a time dedicated to twin flames seeking a stable connection and to those who share a similar longing. This moon is like a loving gift from the universe, offering us more balance in life and love.

The Power of Stability

Taurus, with its calm and dependable nature, brings us the strength of stability, a comfortable home base, and strong relationships. It’s like that rock in the stormy sea that provides us with security. During this full moon, we’re invited to pause and assess whether the foundations in our lives are strong enough. It’s the perfect moment to make adjustments and lay a solid groundwork for what’s to come. Due to the energy this is the right time to invest in your own home, pursue financial stability, or start that new project you’ve been dreaming about.

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Embrace Your Emotions and Set Them Free

The partial eclipse accompanying this full moon sheds a unique light on our emotions. It may seem challenging at times, but this moment offers us an opportunity for profound insights and growth. During this full moon, you can release old, pent-up emotions. Think of it as clearing out a cluttered attic, but in your heart. We can cast off the burden of unresolved feelings, allowing us to feel lighter and freer.

Choose Love Over Fear

The full moon in Taurus reminds us that love is always stronger than fear. When faced with a choice, let your heart speak, and choose love over fear. It brings peace and joy to your life. As the moonlight illuminates our inner selves, we can let go of pride, ego, and guilt. It’s as if we free ourselves from emotional baggage, opening our hearts to a deeper connection.

These affirmations can help you during this full moon:

? I embrace stability and nurture a strong foundation for myself and my twin flame.

? I choose love over fear, bringing peace and joy into my heart and soul.

? I release old emotions and thereby shine with new light.

Let’s embrace this special time together and fill our hearts with love and stability. You’re not alone on this journey; we are here together.

Much love,

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? Success story:
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