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#1 Frequency for Twin Flame Union

In today’s lesson, we explore essential insights if you want to turn your dream life into reality, free from being held back by signs, synchronicities, or past events.

I’ll reveal the most important frequency for achieving twin flame union and manifesting any dream, whether it’s your dream home, perfect health, or any other desire you long to experience in your life.

I AM that I AM – Neville Goddard

We’ll delve deep into the profound philosophy of “I am that I am,” which was written by Neville Goddard and has been echoed by many others. Neville Goddard often referenced biblical wisdom, making this knowledge timeless and profound. While I recommend reading his book, I personally discovered it after entering into a relationship with my twin flame. The study of Neville Goddard’s teachings has played a significant role in my personal development. I also use these teachings to explain the concepts more effectively to my students at Twin Souls School.

My name is Lorraine Vesterink, and I’m a Dutch woman, the proud founder of Twin Soul School, and the creator of Infinirgy essential oils, which have been instrumental in helping me balance my emotions during my journey. I mention my name and company because some channels have copied my videos about signs and stages word for word, without making any effort to give credit or create original content. However, also today’s lesson is entirely my creation. The message I share today is grounded in Neville Goddard’s teachings, but without reading it before, I’ve adapted the same knowledge prior union with my twin flame. Let’s now dive into the #1 Frequency for Twin Flame Union & Manifesting Your Dream Life.

1. Understanding ‘I Am that I Am’
We begin by breaking down the essence of the “I am that I am” philosophy. This foundational concept encourages you to declare your desires and beliefs as your present reality. Learn how this perspective can eliminate the perceived separation between you and your goals.

2. Choosing Union with Your Twin Flame:
We discover the power of intention and choice. We’ll discuss how to transcend the frequency of separation by consciously opting for union with your twin flame. Learn how to say and genuinely feel, “I am in union with my twin flame,” and see this affirmation manifest in your 3D reality.

3. How to unite with your twin flame eBook
We’ll touch on the timeless teachings of Neville Goddard, a pioneeer in the realm of the law of attraction and manifestation. I found out how the power of “I am” can be adapted specifically for twin flames to accelerate your journey. I’ve detailed this in Chapter 7, “Boost Your Union,” which you can purchase in Dutch by clicking the link below. It’s also available as an eBook: “How to Unite with Your Twin Soul,” which you can start reading right now. Check the link below and begin creating your union today! Why not? You have the freedom to choose union; it’s your free will. I also teach this knowledge in the chapter “Freedom” from the book. We offer Twin Soul webinars that delve deeper into these concepts if you wish to explore them further. As a student, you can also contact me and like-minded individuals through our Twin Soul app. Or you can book a one-on-one call with me. If you’re not a student, you can still schedule a one-on-one session with one of our coaches. They can assist you in embracing the “I am” frequency if you find it challenging. We will show you that it’s easy. The power of “I am” is the simplest concept, as it only requires yourself, regardless of your physical location or your twin flame’s location on Earth. You don’t need to be in direct contact to create union.

4. Circumstances don’t matter;
They are conditional, and I teach unconditional love. There are no conditions that can hinder your desires; it’s your own frequency that separates you from them. Now that you understand this, this video is the most valuable one, provided you choose the “I am” frequency in combination with your desires as if they were true.

Your life will change for the better; that’s a promise. The only thing I ask in return is for you to share pictures or videos when you’re enjoying life with your twin flame. That’s all I request in exchange for my content, because I love love stories, love, marriage, happiness, and I genuinely love it. Another way you can help me is by liking, sharing, and subscribing right now, increasing the chances of me receiving those pictures. You don’t need to become a Twin Soul School student; I only aim to offer guidance if you believe it’s necessary. If you do, we’re here to help. If not, I hope you’ve enjoyed this content, and I look forward to receiving those pictures.

Please don’t send pictures with the question, “Who is my twin flame?” I’m a Twin Flame teacher who inspires you to become the best version of yourself, to find love in life, love yourself, understand the power of awareness, the power of “I am,” and live your best life while inspiring others to do the same.

Why not start enjoying life today and choose that tomorrow will be even better? The essential oil that has helped me get and stay in the frequency of love is the love oil with 100% rose. I simply call it “love.” It’s available in my Infinirgy shop. You might find it elsewhere, but make sure to choose 100% pure natural oils.

Now, let’s wrap it up and affirm together:

? “I am…” so fill in the blank below. I am the… Don’t miss out on this opportunity to unlock the potential of “I am that I am” and turn your desires into reality.

Your transformation begins here. Comment below or below the Youtube video, and don’t limit yourself—keep writing!


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