We hebben ontdekt dat je misschien een andere taal spreekt.

Wil je veranderen in:

*Sluit af en wissel niet van taal.

Choose love over fear

Have you made the shift? Choosing love over fear. Today, you can use the energy of the moon’s position on October 25th to deepen our connection and work on overcoming our fears and embracing love and abundance!

Today’s moon position provides us with the opportunity to look deep within and connect with our inner emotions. It’s the perfect moment to examine our deepest feelings and fears and transform them into love and understanding. This way, you can strengthen your bond and let the love between you grow.

World-renowned Birthday On October 25,

We celebrate the birthday of the world-famous artist Pablo Picasso (1881). His life and work remind us that creativity and passion are the forces that connect us with our deepest selves and with others. Picasso’s ability to see the world in new and unique ways inspires us to continue our own unique journey of spiritual growth and let love flow freely in our hearts.

My inspiration based on Lesson 298 from “A Course in Miracles”
This lesson reminds us that fear, especially the fear of lack and the feeling of not being good enough, can hinder our spiritual growth. But we have the power to forgive and move through that fear to embrace love and abundance. Let us meditate together on the following affirmation today:

? I love the divine, my DF power, and my twin flame.
? I am joyful and grateful that my unconditional love is now accepted without fear.
? I am finally restored to my Reality, Truth, and True Being.
? Forgiveness now removes everything that disrupted my vision.
? I approach the end of meaningless old stories, foolish intentions, and artificial values.
? I accept that I am moving through fear to meet my love and receive unconditional love and abundance.

Today, let’s connect with the love of the Divine and with each other, and let’s move through fear together to discover the deep love and abundance that exists within all of us. May this day be full of inspiration and spiritual growth to further your journey.

Know that you are loved, protected, and blessed.

With love, Lorraine

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