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Embrace triggers for a deeper TF connection

If it seems that manifesting is not entirely working for you yet, there might still be things from your past or your 3D reality that are triggering you. However, remember that the twin soul journey is a path of self-discovery, and triggers play a vital role in our growth and connection.

Embrace triggers on your twin soul journey by saying ALOHA. With my ‘ALOHA’ technique, you lovingly let go of any unhealthy, chasing, or complaining energy that may be holding you back. Remember, every trigger is a blessing and brings you closer together with your twin soul.

“Every trigger is a blessing and brings you closer together.”

The ALOHA Technique helps you to deepen your connection with your Twin Flame by allowing you to step even more into your feminine, relaxed, and receptive energy. By embracing triggers with love and grace, and watch how they bring you and your Twin Flame closer together on this sacred journey of love and self-discovery. ALOHA!

In the first step of the ALOHA technique, “Accept,” we acknowledge that triggers are a natural part of this sacred journey. Embracing them with an open heart unlocks their transformative potential, leading to a deeper understanding and connection with our Twin Flame.

Next, in the second step, “Let Go of Pain and Sorrow,” we release the weight of past hurts and wounds. Embracing forgiveness and freeing ourselves from emotional baggage empower us to create a harmonious Twin Flame dynamic, filled with love and compassion.

In the third step, “Observe Your Feelings,” we pause and reflect without judgment. Our emotions guide us to inner healing, bringing valuable lessons for growth on the Twin Flame path.

Moving forward, the “Heal Your Triggers with the Heal Your Past Method” empowers us to delve into self-healing. Addressing triggers with love and compassion creates space for profound growth and transformation. As we heal ourselves, we elevate the connection with our Twin Flame, enriching our shared journey with harmony and understanding.

The final step, “Affirm,” shines the spotlight on the power of positive energy. By affirming our worth, strength, and love, we manifest a reality aligned with our heart’s desires. This allows our Twin Flame connection to flourish in profound ways.

Embracing triggers with the ALOHA technique is a journey of empowerment. It requires time, patience, and dedication, but the rewards are immeasurable. As we embrace triggers with love and understanding, we strengthen the bond with our Twin Flame, creating an unbreakable connection built on trust and authenticity.

A gentle reminder on this path: Don’t blame your Twin Flame for triggering you. Instead, embrace the understanding that they reflect parts of ourselves that need attention and healing. By changing ourselves, we transform the mirror, paving the way for a deeper and more meaningful connection.

Wishing you boundless love, harmony, and growth on your Twin Flame path. Embrace your journey, and let’s embrace triggers with love. Aloha! ?

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You can also watch the twin soul podcast where you can hear more about the ALOHA technique:


In het Nederlands is er een video over de ALOHA techniek, klik hier… Je kunt het ook leren in Module 4 Vertrouwen en teruglezen in het boek: Zo kom je samen met je tweelingziel.

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