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Expect More from Your Twin Soul, Create Your Union

Hello, dear beloved twin soul! Today, we’re continuing our journey together – I’ve been a bit absent lately. My apologies. I’ve been moving, spending time with my twin soul and the kids, and of course, I’m on my own journey too. With the 8-8 portal and the upcoming blue supermoon this week, it’s been quite a task.

Let’s talk about expectations today. There’s a myth. People often think that letting go of expectations prevents disappointment.
If you don’t expect anything from life or from other people you will never be disappointed. Do you feel the underlying fear?
In reality, a positive cycle of growth, motivation, and achievements starts when you dream big and expect more!

So today, our simple yet powerful mantra is:

“Expect more, not less!”

Let’s make it even stronger by affirming:
? From today, I expect more from my twin flame. Period!

In a world where doubts and fears can hold us back, it’s time to break free and embrace the amazing potential within each of us.
If you’re ready to let go of the fear of disappointment and discover the creator within, this blog is your pathway to light and love.
To a life WITH your twin flame. Today I will give you the 5 steps that can help you to create the union (the harmonious relationship) with your twin flame.

** 1 The Power of Expectation **
It’s easy to let the fear of disappointment shape our expectations.
But what if I told you that expecting more from life leads to more growth?
Research shows that when more is expected of children, they perform better.
So, expect more from your twin soul, and you’ll receive more.
By raising our expectations, we open ourselves to greater possibilities and embrace the wonderful experiences that await us.

** 2 Embracing Your Creative Power **
When I say expect more, I don’t mean demanding things from your twin soul. Quite the opposite!
You’re the captain of your reality. The only captain. No one else can determine the course of your journey.
It’s time to acknowledge, recognize, and embrace your unique power as the creator of your own life.
Break free from the idea that external factors control your destiny. Let go of the victim role if needed.

** 3 Freeing Yourself from Limiting Beliefs **
Many of us struggle with self-love, which leads to lower expectations of what others give us.
Especially from our twin flame, we expect (almost) nothing.
This is because we’re afraid we won’t receive it anyway.
Today, let’s break these limiting beliefs together.
You deserve all the wonderful things that life has to offer.
Through the Module Self-love and self-love affirmations, we can build a strong foundation to believe in ourselves and expect more from others. Your twin flame is your mirror soul and will give you exactly what you expect from them!

** 4 Persist in your dreams **
Dreams are the seeds of reality. They need attention, care, and belief.
What many people do is plant a seed (like affirming for one day or one week).
When it doesn’t work immediately because they are seeing no movement, they think the seed isn’t growing and they stomp on it.
They don’t water the plant, they don’t trust, and they don’t believe it will grow.
So, dream big. You can make this practical by doing daily happy writing. You can follow the link below to take the happy writing course.

** 5  Accept that Transformation takes time **
As you begin this journey, remember that change takes time. It’s a journey, not a destination.
Discipline and consistent action will bring you closer to your dreams.
This process can not only be rewarding but also enjoyable.
With each step, you’re creating a life that reflects your inner desires.

Imagine your house is messy. Instead of just looking at the mess, feeling frustrated with yourself, making an even bigger mess, and then feeling even more frustrated, it’s better to start cleaning up.

It’s the same with the twin soul journey.
Don’t just watch everything go wrong, but start today with discipline to create your new life.
By expecting more and focusing on what you expect as if you already have it.

**Conclusion **
Congratulations, dear soul, you’ve made it to the end of this blog.
I believe it’s because you – your soul, – have committed to this transformative journey!
If you resonate with this content and want to dive deeper into self-love, trust, and strengthening your journey, we invite you to join the Twin Soul Course Year 1.
Explore modules designed to nurture your relationship with yourself and unlock your full potential.
This way, you become a magnet for your twin flame, and they will exceed all your expectations.

Lastly, Remember, the power to create your reality begins with the belief that you’re worth it.
Expect more, believe in yourself, and watch your dreams unfold!

Thank you for reading this blog today.
Let’s continue this journey together, step by step, towards a life full of limitless possibilities and joy.

Sending you much love,


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