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777 portal – embrace your creative power

Today, we are surrounded by the energy of the 777 gate day. 7-7-2023.
When you add 2 + 2 + 3 you arrive at 7. That is why today is also called the 777 portal day.
What does it mean? Each person can find their own special meaning in numbers.
For me, 777 represents positivity and love.
It reminds us to trust our deepest desires and live in the present moment.

Let go of the constraints of time and embrace your creative abilities.

The number 7 is often associated with time, such as the seven days of the week.
But let’s think about it for a moment: Does time really exist?
Did God create the world in seven days?
From my soul, I do not believe that time exists on a deep level.
It is a practical idea we use to organise our lives, but our true essence goes far beyond that.

Even Einstein tried to explain that time is an illusion
 You can read about it in the fascinating book ‘Conversations with God’.
In this book, the author has conversations with the Divine, similar to how Esther Hicks communicates with Abraham.
Some call the Divine masculine, others feminine.
Personally, I see the Divine as all-encompassing “We”.
We are all interconnected, where “I” and “We” are intertwined.

I believe we don’t travel through time; everything happens in the eternal now.
Every event and possibility exists at this exact moment.
Therefore, we can effortlessly experience sudden changes.
Our connection with our twin flame can blossom unexpectedly, like an exhilarating rollercoaster ride.
Recently, I felt in tune with the energy of living together, and surprisingly, my house sold in just one day.
I didn’t even have plans to sell my special forest home!

But please remember, don’t just take my words as absolute truth.
I am just a teacher of twin souls, dedicated to nurturing soul connections.
To come together with your twin soul, it is important to connect with the Divine and your true self.
I encourage you to stay true to yourself so that your twin soul can also honour you and his or her own authenticity.

Always remember that you have the power to give meaning to numbers.
Trust your inner guidance. That’s the real meaning of 777.
Have faith in your intuition and creative power.
You can switch from one creation to another.

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Together we will embark on this transformative journey through the 777 gate meditation that is availably in the Twin Soul App for you from today. I am enthusiastically leading the special meditation for the 777 port day in the Twin Soul App! Accessible for YEAR 1 students only. 

Wishing you a great portal day and sending you much love,


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