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Walk your walk to union

Michelle Obama once gave us a powerful message: Be true to yourself and don’t rely on anyone or anything except your own capabilities. This lesson holds great significance on the journey of finding our twin flame.

Let me share a story about one of our students in our twin soul school. She lived in Brussels, Belgium, but decided to move to London with her soulmate. She made sacrifices by leaving her home, job, family, and friends, and it seemed like nothing could make her happier than being with her beloved partner. They even had two children together.

Over time, however, she started missing her old life in Brussels and her friends. She also felt a bit lonely since she didn’t have any family around. That’s when she encountered her twin flame, a person who made her feel like a complete woman again. Although she loved her soulmate deeply and believed he was the best and most beautiful man, she realized that a soulmate relationship doesn’t have to be lifelong. It can be fulfilling and provide guidance at the beginning. For instance, a soulmate can guide you towards a new life, job, home, or even a different country that aligns with your path. While a soulmate relationship may last a lifetime, it becomes challenging to resist the love of a twin flame because it is an entirely different kind of love—an unconditional love.

Twin flame love doesn’t necessarily direct you towards external changes like a new house or job, although your twin flame will undoubtedly encourage and support you in every decision you make. Ultimately, you make the choices. A twin flame will inspire you to become the best version of yourself, to fully embrace and unconditionally love yourself before coming into union. So, what should you choose?

Regardless of your choice, remember the words of Michelle Obama: Walk your own path! Do not rely on a soulmate, sibling, or karmic partner. Do not depend on a house, mortgage, landlord, boss, children, parents, or even your twin flame. The only person you truly depend on is yourself. You depend on your own flexible and creative mind! That’s the empowering part of this message. Most people don’t realize that they are the leaders of their own lives. They have the power to choose their own path.

You have the power within you to create whatever you desire, including the union with your twin flame. That’s the secret of the twin soul journey. You possess the power, and your twin flame union will come as a bonus when you have built a foundation of personal happiness. Many of my students have transformed their lives with our special module called Happywriting. Personally, I wrote down my desires, including getting into union with my twin flame, four months before we even had much contact. If you want to know more about how I started my happywriting practice, how I still use it, and how you can create your dream life including the relationship with your twin falme.

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