The universe is always on time! So don’t wait for your twin soul!

The universe is never too late; in fact, it’s always precisely on time! Isn’t that amazing?
Whether you’re waiting for something big and exciting or
something small in the realms of love, money, or health.
This message is for you!

Welcome to Twin Soul School,
where I assist you in connecting with your soul, allowing you to fulfill all your dreams.
One by one or all at once.
They will come true, period!

I’m Lorraine Vesterink, and I’m grateful that you’re reading this.
Let’s now smile, for you are about to discover why your desires will manifest precisely on time.
That’s something to celebrate, isn’t it?

The universe is never too late; it’s always perfectly on time.
I’m already smiling, envisioning your messages reaching me that my inspiration has aided you.
Iam convinced that you will get exactly what you want.
Many of our subscribers express impatience, loneliness, frustration, despair, or fatigue while awaiting their desires.
I understand completely because I’ve been there myself.

But… I’ve discovered that the universe is never too late; it’s always perfectly on time.
Reflecting on my own manifestations, both significant and minor, they all materialized when I was relaxed, trusting, and enjoying life.

So, let’s smile once more! It’s easy to relax and enjoy more.
The only challenge might be to trust more when it seems like nothing is happening.
Meanwhile, you can receive hints and signs from the universe.
These signs let you know it’s there for you if you relax, trust, and smile more.
So, smile! If you want to learn more about signs, you can check them out here!

Hints guide you toward your inner calling.
Don’t miss those calls. To do that, you must relax, be quiet, observe the inspiration flowing in, and take action accordingly.
Not premature action based on thorough analysis but action prompted by intuition based on your (soul’s) desire.

This year, I’m skiing for the fifth time with my husband (my twin flame) and our four children.
Before we got together, he sent me a photo standing on a mountain. He was there alone with his children, while I was 200 km away with mine. I felt slightly frustrated and lonely.
I sent him a humorous photo back, drawing myself next to him, with the caption: “That’s where I want to stand!”

Not even a year later, I stood on precisely the same mountain next to him, and this year will mark our fifth time there!!
In short, the universe is never too late. You might think two years is long, but I know a couple who took 10 years to come together.
They share their story at a live event (theater show “Alles is Liefde”) and sing beautiful songs about it.
So, what is two years? Looking back, I know the universe wasn’t too late.
When I trusted, relaxed, and enjoyed life, my twin flame came back to me. It felt normal, as if we were always together.

Another example: I was always afraid I would never meet my in-laws.
I shed quite a few tears over that. All for nothing, as I now see them weekly.
Even more often than my own family! One day, I really wanted to see my father-in-law.
I got the inspiration to go for a bike ride, and voilà, I saw my father-in-law driving in the car, smiling at me.
That’s how quickly and easily it can happen when you listen to your feelings.

The universe is there when YOU are ready.
Perhaps you’ve experienced this yourself? Let me know if you have examples of when the universe was on time, and you followed your hints. You can do this on the YouTube channel or, of course, in the Twin Soul app!

You can also experience this when finding a new home.
If you think it’s hard and impossible, the universe is waiting for you.
It’s not too late; it’s there for you when you’re ready, and you’ll be ready on time, especially now that you know how to do it.
Read the 10 signs to know if you are ready!

It’s always on time and working behind the scenes in your favor.
To be relaxed about a topic, such as love, health, home, or money, you must first think neutrally about it.

So, let’s smile together and send unconditional love to everyone who has good health, a beautiful home, a healthy marriage, and lots of money, without feeling that you (still) don’t have it.

Let’s trust that everything you want is there for you too, and it will be on time because the universe is never too late, never.
It’s always on time and working behind the scenes in your favor.

Now, it’s time for action.
Affirmations, statements, new beliefs—call them what you like—are essential to reprogram your subconscious.
They influence your body, mind, and soul. Let’s type them together below:

– The universe is always on time for me.
– I only need to relax, enjoy, and trust more.
– Every day, I relax more, enjoy more, and trust more.

That’s it!

In the Twin Soul app, I’ll share more of my story and show the photo of the mountain.
You can share your own examples and ask questions. I would love to see you in the Twin Soul app.

Also, I’ve created a brand of essential oils to balance your emotions, called Infinirgy.
I’ve developed courses on a soul level—Soul Love, Soul Mission, and Soulful Abundance.
You can find them here at The best thing is to start with Module 1 Balance.
Also, check out our FREE tools page with more tools to unite with your twin soul.

The universe is always on time for you!

Thank you for reading!
I hope you enjoyed it and that it helps you find a deep connection with your soul, allowing you to follow your hints and manifest any desire you want. Keep sharing this valuable message with your friends.

Goodbye for now, have a great day! Don’t forget to smile and relax more because the universe is always on time for you! Feel welcome to join our Twin Soul School!

Sending you light and love,






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