Telling your partner about your twin flame (6 insights)

Today, we’re going to talk about a topic that has a lot to be said but is hard to find information on: what do you do when you meet your soulmate while you’re in a relationship? And imagine, your partner meets theirs. Here’s a guide for you.

A Viewer’s Question

Recently, someone asked me, “Lorraine, what if you’re in a happy marriage, have a fantastic partner and parent, but then you meet your soulmate? What if you feel this is something totally different, a soul-level connection, unconditional love, and pure happiness together? And what if everyone, including your family, wants this to work?”

The idea that everyone wants the best for each other is beautiful. But is it reality? Not often. Let’s be honest, fear often plays a big role. That’s why I have six insights for you if you ever find yourself in this situation.

Six Insights for This Situation

1. Be Open and Honest:

Talk to your partner. Not to hurt them, but because the truth is important. A soul connection is about authenticity.

2. Appreciate What You Have:

Affirm your current relationship. It’s not about being not good enough, but understanding your own feelings.

3. Listen to Your Partner:

Their feelings matter too. It’s not just about you. You are still in a relationship with your partner. Fear and vulnerability are normal. It’s not that you don’t love them anymore, but honesty is crucial.

4. New Family Dynamics:

Maybe everyone can live together or share holidays. If there’s understanding and respect, and the children are the priority, a lot is possible.

5. Feel Safe:

If openness leads to problems, especially with a partner who is not willing, think carefully about your next steps.

6. Your Happiness Matters Too:

True love means understanding and respect. Your happiness and growth are essential. When someone truly loves you, they let you be free. That’s love.

Real Stories

A student of mine was open with her husband about her soulmate. To her surprise, he fully supported her. That support made her ultimately choose her husband. True love means giving freedom.

But, do you really want to be with someone who constantly thinks about someone else? Maybe not. But maybe. It all depends on you and your situation.

In Conclusion

So, is living together in a complex situation possible? My experience says usually not. But who knows, with enough love and understanding, maybe. To conclude, on a personal note: But most importantly, live your truth, in harmony with yourself and others. Remember: it’s your life, your choices. No one can judge you. Make it beautiful!


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