We hebben ontdekt dat je misschien een andere taal spreekt.

Wil je veranderen in:

*Sluit af en wissel niet van taal.

Should I send a Christmas wish to my twin soul?

Of course, you can send a Christmas or Happy New Year greeting! It’s a perfect moment, especially if you haven’t been in touch for a while.

Keep it short and light, and choose the right moment to send it. Just do it once and avoid doing it twice if you don’t get a response.

My twin soul used to send me a Happy New Year message around 7 PM on New Year’s Eve. I always found it delightful! It showed that he was thinking of me before the year changed, making sure his message reached me, wanting to be the first, and ensuring he wouldn’t forget after a few drinks:) I think I’ve also wished him a Merry Christmas before.

But… consider this:
As long as you have this question, you’re not in union energy. When you’re already together, you’re focused on activities like cooking, building, and grocery shopping – not pondering these questions.

Given this insight, I would suggest the following visualization:

Step 1) Picture your twin flame sitting in a room (your twin flame doesn’t see you).
Step 2) Imagine your twin flame looking at you on their phone.
Step 3) Feel their deep affection and excitement about spending Christmas with you.
Step 4) Suddenly, you appear in the room, and your twin flame is ecstatic to see you, saying, “Isn’t it wonderful spending Christmas together!”

Next, picture both of you happily sitting by the Christmas tree with festive socks (as in the photo)!

Warm regards,


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