Top 11 things your DM might say to you!

Welcome to this blog about understanding what your twin soul might have said to you!
We’re exploring the top 11 things they might tell you.
It’s like a secret code to their feelings.

Each phrase is like a special message that we’ll decode together.
Join us as we uncover the language of love that twin flames share.

These words carry deep meanings, and we’ll guide you through each one.
It’s a journey of love, connection, and growth.

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Now let’s dive into the world of twin soul connections.
Discover the messages they’re sending your way!

  1. ‘Something is better than nothing.’

They might want to spend time together occasionally. Stay positive, imagine more. Even if it’s not a lot now, see it growing.

? *Affirmation:*
“Moving from something to EVERYTHING! We’re progressing from texts to even more meaningful messages, from mere contact to deepening connections, and from casual dates to a committed relationship.”

  1. ‘My life isn’t sorted yet, maybe later.’

If they say life is messy, they may not be ready for a serious relationship. Don’t feel bad. Say you deserve love, focus on your worth, and getting ready for a meaningful connection.

? *Affirmation:*
“I am worthy of delightful messages, meaningful meetings, and being a priority.
I am important and stand at the forefront.”

  1. ‘I want to touch you, but…’

If they want closeness but can’t because of other factors, talk openly. Express your feelings. Say you want more when they’re ready.

? *Affirmation:*
“Expressing our desire for more physical connection is natural. I eagerly await it when we’re both ready for a serious relationship.”

  1. ‘What if I want to date you?’

If they talk about dating but nothing happens, affirm you’re ready. Let them know you’re prepared for the next step.

? *Affirmation:*
“I am ready now. We are both ready for a beautiful connection.”

  1. ‘Everything’s effortless with you.’

They feel comfortable with you. It’s special. Acknowledge it. Embrace the uniqueness of your bond.

? *Affirmation:*
“Feeling at home with you is entirely mutual.
Our connection is so natural, and that’s what makes it so special.”

  1. ‘I’m scared of a relationship.’

Fear of losing what you have can hold them back. Affirm separation is not real. Encourage them to face fears, understand deeper.

? *Affirmation:*
“Our twin connection is eternal.
My twin stays with me, and fear has no place in our harmonious relationship.”

  1. ‘Wait for me, no, don’t wait.’

Mixed messages happen when they’re unsure. Clear your doubts. Trust they’ll return when both are ready.

? *Affirmation:*
“I am ready now. We are both ready for a lasting connection.”

  1. ‘I can be myself with you.’

Comfort and acceptance shine here. Love freely. Embrace strengths and flaws. Build a strong foundation.

? *Affirmation:*
“Our love is unconditional.
We accept each other completely, making our connection special.”

  1. ‘I don’t feel the magic anymore.’

If they say they don’t feel the connection, trust your feelings. True love goes beyond words. Share your feelings openly, seek clarity.
Affirm with me:

? *Affirmation:*
I trust my feelings.
Our connection is genuine, and I believe in our love.
My twin soul suddenly feels the magic again, now and forever!


  1. ‘You’re my dream person and pure, I don’t deserve you.

Stand strong. Affirm mutual growth from embracing authenticity.

? *Affirmation:*
“We are both deserving of love and purity.
Our connection is strong, and we are equal partners.”

  1. ‘I’m in a relationship, but unhappy.’

They might be stuck. Trust in your connection. Believe they’ll find their way back. Affirm your patience and the reunion.

? *Affirmation:*
“I trust in the process.
As my twin gains clarity and courage, they will choose the path that leads to our connection.”

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Sending you love and light,
Lorraine Vesterink



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