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Refocus on your journey ? 3 tips to overcome distractions!

? Hello beautiful soul, welcome back to Twin Soul School. I’m Lorraine from the Netherlands, here to guide twin souls on their journey to union worldwide. If you’re seeking love, remember this: Be love to be loved by your beloved. Let me give you 3 tips to overcome distractions and refocus on your journey.

Tip 1: Making Good Choices for Yourself ?
About 20 years ago, I decided to ditch the news because it brought me down. The images weren’t good for my state of mind. But I still wanted to stay informed, so I ask my man daily to share the things he finds important with me. I usually go online to connect with our students in the twin soul app. Join in; this journey isn’t meant to be walked alone – it’s more enjoyable and easier together!

Recently, I skipped the new Netflix series. Even though it was about the subject I teach, I felt like I’d seen and heard enough of those stories. Curious? You can read my blog about it with over 30 remarks from our students. The lesson here is to choose what helps you grow and skip what distracts you.

Tip 2: Stay Focused ?, by giving the morning back to yourself
But how do you do that? Start your day by taking time for yourself. Instead of reaching for your phone right away, try a simple routine that makes you feel good. You can go out into nature or start your day with a mediation (or both). Our 11-11 meditation is perfect for this – it’s free. You can find it on our FREE Tools page. Use it daily to stay focused on your journey. Also, set limits on negative things online. You decide what you want to see, so choose things that uplift you and make your life more beautiful.

Tip 3: ? Don’t get too entangled in your 3D reality 
Focus on your own truth. Your true desires. If your twin flame’s behavior disappoints you, learn the love language for union. Watch my latest live video on that – the link is in the end screen. It’s also available in Dutch. Affirmation: I value 5D more than 3D because that’s how I create my most beautiful future together. Repeat the affirmation by placing it below this video to strengthen it for yourself:
? I value 5D more than 3D because that’s how I create my most beautiful future together.
? What’s your ultimate tip for beating distractions and staying focused on your own journey?
The most creative tip will get a special shoutout in my next video! Let me know below, and let’s be a source of inspiration for each other. ?
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Conclusion: ?I
n a world full of distractions, it’s important to focus on your journey. You choose what helps you grow, and that is powerful. Let’s support each other in staying focused and positive. Try our free 11-11 meditation – the link is below. Until next time, stay focused, stay inspired, and keep going on your journey. ? Share your favorite focus tip in the comments below!
And always remember, if you’re searching for love, be love to be loved by your beloved. ? share the blog or leave your thoughts in the comments.

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