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The Best Reading for Union Ever! – Bring your DM home now!

?✨ Get ready for the best reading ever! This isn’t just another session; it’s the most impactful reading you’ll ever experience on your Twin Soul journey. Grab your favorite drink, your journal, and a pen. Are you ready to dive deeper into your best reading ever and bring your DM home? Home for Christmas, your birthday, or your vacation! How about that?!

The Obsession with Readings

I’ve noticed from the stats on my channel that many viewers spend a significant amount of time watching readings. But what if I told you there’s a more powerful way to use that time for personal transformation? In my experience, focusing on personal growth is key. Your mirror soul (Twin Soul) reflects your transformation, and nobody changes as rapidly as your mirror soul. So, if you change your story, your twin soul changes rapidly with you.

My Personal Experience with Readings

Before reuniting with my husband (my Twin Soul), I vividly remember watching an enthusiastic reading proclaiming, “The DM is coming home!” I believed it wholeheartedly, even shared it with my mom, expecting my Twin Soul to come home that week. Half a year later, the reader again said, “The divine masculine is coming home.” I was not so sure anymore and certainly not happy. It became a pattern of excitement and disappointment, leading me further away from union. It was a distraction that consumed a lot of time and energy, leading me nowhere.

Avoiding that Distraction

While readings from lightworkers and tarot cards offer valuable insights, they can also act as distractions, keeping you from your path and your male Twin Soul. Your positive feelings are essential for both your well-being and your DM to come to you. I chose to stop watching readings and step back into my responsibility and my growth. This is a principle I consistently highlight in my teachings. You can follow my teachings on your own in separate modules, including reading the chapters of my book, or you can do it together with me in the Twin Soul app. If you choose the Complete Guide to Union, you get everything I can give you to get into union with your beloved as well.

As a mindset mentor, I empower you to change yourself, resulting in a transformation in your Twin Soul and your connection. If you still choose to watch readings, then I will give you a tip on how to make it more useful. Take notes on resonating phrases like ‘coming home’ or ‘commitment’ and turn them into affirmations for personal work. Instead of spiraling on negative readings, write affirmations that empower you and align with your desired outcome.

If you indeed perceive watching readings as a distraction, also check out my previous blog for tips on avoiding distractions. These can include readings but also other things like focusing too much on the 3D.

Let’s See What’s Blocking Your Union

If your twin soul is you, then we are blocking ourselves, right? Identify what might be blocking your union. What’s the first thing that comes up in your mind as to why you are not together? Is it because your male Twin Soul is in a relationship or hasn’t sorted out his life yet? Does your Twin Soul claim not to see a romantic connection and only desires friendship? Many of our students have quickly transformed such situations, especially after forgiveness sessions, meditations, or adopting new affirmations.

3 Examples of Applicable Titles for your best Reading

? My DM is suddenly ready.
? My DM chose me because we were both ready.
? We both felt good enough to unite.

Now Create Your Own Reading: The Best Ever!

Let’s create your Best Reading ever, the reading that WILL bring your DM home. Instead of spending an hour a day watching readings, invest that time in writing your own story. Describe your first meeting, a unique yet common experience. Capture the confusion, doubts, and the challenge of maintaining trust. Imagine how you want things to unfold, detailing your vision for the near future. Write this personalized reading as a letter to your Twin Soul, yourself, the universe, me, or a family member or friend. Trust me; it’s worth it! Read it to yourself every day. Let me hear in the comments where you’re going to write about.

What would be the title of your reading or your tarot card? Share it in the comments below the video. If you’re in the Twin Soul app, you can share your reading with us. You can even make a tarot card yourself with the story! Be creative!


This personalized approach is the best reading ever! It actively involves you in manifesting your desired reality. If you want me as your mentor on this journey, I recommend the Complete guide to union. Check out the shop for other available options. You can choose module after module from the YEAR 1 Course, then start with Module 1. Balance and do it yourself  in this way. Or you can do it with us as a student of the complete guide, you can do it with me, or you can do it with our coaches. You choose. You are free to choose.

If you found value in this blog, which I’m sure you did because it’s the best reading ever, also watch the video and keep liking, keep subscribing, and keep sharing the videos with your friends who might benefit from it as well!

Sending lots of love and light your way,
Until next time.. and next time, I will give you my most valuable insight on the journey, so stay tuned.
Namaste. Lorraine Vesterink ?✨


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  1. I met my twin flame at work. I had become paralyzed from covid so I couldn’t drive so my supervisor found me a ride. He’s a medical professional and his assistant told me he was weird but I would get used to him. Haha. He wore a gas mask and when we were introduced I said Luke I am your father. We both had a good laugh. We were inseparable for 4 mo. Then I got transfered to California and fired after 4 mo. We reunited for 3 days and had an argument over his karmic partner. Separation started and I went into DNOTS for 3 long monthsIf I had to pick a tarot card it would be the Empress. Title, Emperor returns, called in by the Empress. He comes back to take me to Scottland to get married.We come home and live in a beautiful cottage and are more abundant than we need.
    Some tarot readers are quite good. I was driving to the golf course listening to a reading, and she said that my person really wanted to talk to me and she wouldn’t be surprised if he contacted me during the reading. Right then a text came in from him. Very sweet, telling me I was the most extraordinary woman he’d ever met.i am not separated from my twin soul. We embody the perfect balance of divine masculine and feminine energies, complementing each other.

  2. I met my twin flame over 16 years ago; however, at the time I had never heard of this twin flame phenomenon. We had a very happy relationship for over 9 years, but when I was going through menopause and having financial struggles, I began to fight with him and our relationship started to break down. Six years ago, I was convinced he was cheating on me because the intimacy was not there so much anymore. When I confronted him about it, he denied it (I found out since then he actually was seeing this other woman starting a little over 6 years ago). I knew he was lying to me, and this drove many of the arguments. We still would go on small getaways here and there, but he stopped coming over to spend the night.

    Fast forward to last year, I kept asking him if we could sit down and talk about our relationship and what we could do to fix it. He avoided every attempt at this, though he started coming around to see me more often. Then, this past May I discovered why he avoided it. He had gotten married to that other woman in 2019 when I was out of town. I was devastated! I did not eat or sleep for over a week. I thought about just kicking him to the curb and walking away, but in my soul, I could not do that. I felt such a bond with him and such unconditional love, I told him that even if we were going to be “just friends” I had to forgive him, because forgiveness is part of love, and I loved him with all my heart. It was then he started to cry. He told me that because of how badly I had treated him 7 years ago, he thought that I did not love him anymore, though he had never stopped loving me and had to have me in his life. He hugged me so hard, I thought he would never let me go. After this, I discovered the concept of twin flames, and it fits so well. Over the years, we have had so many synchronicities it’s a little bit scary. 🙂

    Since the end of May, we have been back together. He told his wife about us and how he never completely broke up with me, and that he wants to pursue a relationship with me and seek a divorce. The whole mess is complicated by her severe medical problems (she just had major surgery), and he has to stay married for now so that she has insurance coverage. When he tried to file for divorce 2 months ago, he was informed by his attorney that he would probably lose the insurance for her.

    We are making long-range plans of moving in together early next year, and getting married after his divorce is final. I think that for us, I would pick The Magician. We are both working hard to manifest this union; he is working on getting out of the karmic relationship he is in, and I am working on learning to trust him again after years of lies. I also think that The Tower and The Fool enter into this reading, as well as the Ace of Cups and The Lovers. It’s going to be a long and difficult path, but we will make it! We have the 5 of Cups in the reading as well, because he has told me how much he regrets hurting me. I regret hurting him as well all those years ago and causing him to separate from me. Since our reunion, we have experienced such intense telepathy that we never experienced before. Our relationship is so much better and stronger than it was before – we have communicated more in the last 6 months than we ever had over the last 16 years.

    We compliment each other completely and both of us feel like two halves of a whole. He told me that when he thinks of me, it feels like “Home.”

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