We hebben ontdekt dat je misschien een andere taal spreekt.

Wil je veranderen in:

*Sluit af en wissel niet van taal.

New moon, new beginnings

Inspiration for the new moon

Imagine yourself standing as a tree by a quiet lake, looking into an old mirror. This night, the moon, and the tree symbolically represent new beginnings and invite you to reflect and look forward.

As you look into the mirror, you see not just yourself but also the soft glow of the moon illuminating the landscape. This simple moment carries a powerful message: it’s time for a new beginning, time to leave old patterns behind and look towards the future with fresh eyes.

Standing in your power makes it much easier to connect with the world around you. Remind yourself tonight of the possibility of change. You are not alone; everything around you (the other trees) supports you on your journey towards renewal.

After a moment of silence and reflection by the lake, you return home, feeling lighter and with a renewed sense of purpose. This new moon on March 11th marks not just a shift in the sky but can also signify a shift within you. It offers an opportunity to start with a clean slate, open and ready for the future.

So let’s be silent step into your divine power and affirm with me:

? Good things always come our way and make us happy!

Live love,

Live love,

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