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How to overcome twin flame challenges like age gap

There are always challenges between twin souls. Oftentimes there are at least two barriers to overcome. In this article I will give you the the most common challenges and how to overcome challenges and reunite with your twin soul. The goal is letting go of judgments, old patterns, and taboos. Learn to trust more and unleash your creative power.

A very common obstacle is that at least one or even both the twin souls are still in a relationship with someone else. If this is the case, you can read the blog: What if my twin flame is with someone else. So in this article we focus on other challenges.

  1. Age gap
    On this channel, 33% of the viewers indicate having an age difference with their twin soul. I don’t mean a difference of just a few years, it can be 10, 20, or even more than 30 years. You can be in completely different stages in life. Age differences in life stages vary. Historically, men were typically older than women. However, nowadays, it’s increasingly common for women to be significantly older than men.

    Remember: The soul doesn’t recognize age gaps! It only understands pure, limitless love.
    At the soul level, there are no boundaries tied to age. The limitations we feel are created by our own thoughts and egos.

    Society has ingrained in us the belief that aging is something to fear. We’re convinced that we need anti-aging remedies like creams, vitamins, and special diets, as if growing old is something negative. The truth is; aging is a natural and wonderful process. It allows us to grow, gain wisdom, and become even more beautiful.

Honor your age! Don’t let it be a obstacle preventing you from living your dream life with your beloved twin soul! You need to learn that you are good enough for each other. No matter your age!

2. Long distance
33% of viewers on this channel say they live far away from each other. Some even live on different continents! Don’t you worry if this is your situation right now. You will find a way to integrate our lives perfectly. Focus on solutions, not problems. Imagine the ideal situation as if you had the power to make it happen. The great hidden secret of the twin soul journey is that you possess this power within yourself.

The great hidden secret of the twin soul journey is
that you possess the power to create your union within you.

3) Other possible challenges
Differences such as status, language, finances, education, upbringing, race, skin color, interests, passions, emotional traumas, beliefs, culture, traditions, norms, language, or fame. These differences need to be bridged and taboos need to be broken. As you probably know, a relationship with a twin soul is based on unconditional love. What would be a deal-breaker for others, like age, appearance, or smoking, suddenly becomes insignificant with your twin soul.

Unconditional Love:
Although there may be differences between twin souls, these differences are not meant to hinder the relationship but to facilitate growth, understanding, and unconditional love. Twin soul love knows no conditions. It is a relationship without conditions. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t set healthy boundaries. I have just finished It’s the most balanced meditation I have ever created. Download it now if you have the Balance module. is my intention to help you to lay a loving foundation with health boundaries for your union as well!

Fears and Beliefs:
Fear of rejection may play a role in experiencing these differences because you may still be afraid of being rejected. Another possibility is that it doesn’t personally bother you, but you’re afraid it matters to your twin soul. It is important to change this belief. For example, you can reframe an age difference as something interesting, being much younger or older.

You are a Match (regardless of the differences):
You are guaranteed to be a match with your twin soul, even with a significant age difference. When I see photos of our students at the twin soul school who have a 20-year age gap, you don’t see that difference in the couple’s picture. As you heal more, you will start to look younger, so don’t worry if you think you look too old.

Learning from It:
As souls, you have chosen these differences to learn that you are good enough for each other. These differences can be part of why you complement each other and help to create a balanced relationship; Understanding, respect, and space for each other’s individuality is required. It is a journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth, whereupon both souls support and help each other reach their highest potential.

My tip is to learn this quickly and know that everything is already possible. If you want to overcome the differences and get into union you can attend the course: How to unite with your twin soul.

Sending you much love,

Lorraine Vesterink


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