Toxic Karma Drama -vs- Trigger-based Twin Soul Drama (3 big differences)

The Dark Night of the Soul is a profound and transformative phase that often brings intense emotions and a deep exploration of yourself and the connection with your twin soul. There are different types of drama that can arise in your life when things don’t go as you wish. Today, in Love Talks, I discuss […]

Toxic Karma Drama vs. Twin Soul Trigger-Based Drama in the Dark Night of the Soul

The Dark Night of the Soul is een diepgaande en transformerende fase en brengt vaak intense emoties en een diepe verkenning van jezelf en de connectie met je tweelingziel met zich mee. Er zijn verschillende soorten drama die kunnen ontstaan in je leven als dingen niet gaan zoals je wilt. Vandaag praat ik over Toxisch […]

The Best Reading for Union Ever! – Bring your DM home now!

👋✨ Get ready for the best reading ever! This isn’t just another session; it’s the most impactful reading you’ll ever experience on your Twin Soul journey. Grab your favorite drink, your journal, and a pen. Are you ready to dive deeper into your best reading ever and bring your DM home? Home for Christmas, your […]

Refocus on your journey 💛 3 tips to overcome distractions!

🌟 Hello beautiful soul, welcome back to Twin Soul School. I’m Lorraine from the Netherlands, here to guide twin souls on their journey to union worldwide. If you’re seeking love, remember this: Be love to be loved by your beloved. Let me give you 3 tips to overcome distractions and refocus on your journey. Tip […]

Navigating your twin soul journey with clarity & pure guidance

Today, we’re delving deeper into a topic that attracted a lot of interest last week – the recent Prime and Netflix series featuring Twin Flame Universe. In my opinion, where there’s smoke, there’s fire. I’d like to provide you with clarity and simplify things instead of making them more complicated because if you’ve just embarked […]

Unlock the Secret to Manifest Money & an Abundant Life!

The Twin Soul Journey is more than uniting with your twin soul. Care for yourself, your health, and yes, money. Money offers freedom, a life of purpose, helping others, and cherishing moments with loved ones. What if I tell you that manifesting money is much easier than you ever thought? I discovered that it was […]

#1 Frequency for Twin Flame Union

In today’s lesson, we explore essential insights if you want to turn your dream life into reality, free from being held back by signs, synchronicities, or past events. I’ll reveal the most important frequency for achieving twin flame union and manifesting any dream, whether it’s your dream home, perfect health, or any other desire you […]

Saturday’s Full Moon in Taurus – Stability for Twin Flames

Let’s prepare for the upcoming full moon in Taurus, a time dedicated to twin flames seeking a stable connection and to those who share a similar longing. This moon is like a loving gift from the universe, offering us more balance in life and love. The Power of Stability Taurus, with its calm and dependable […]

Choose love over fear

Have you made the shift? Choosing love over fear. Today, you can use the energy of the moon’s position on October 25th to deepen our connection and work on overcoming our fears and embracing love and abundance! Today’s moon position provides us with the opportunity to look deep within and connect with our inner emotions. […]

Embrace new beginnings 💝

Today, I choose to find happiness in the present 💝 Now is the perfect moment to appreciate the things that are already in your life. Remember, your current reality is a result of the choices you’ve made in the past. It’s very important to appreciate it. Everything you’ve asked for, whether consciously or unconsciously, has […]