Digital Version: How to Unite with Your Twin Soul

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‘Zo kom je samen met je tweelingziel’, het handboek voor onvoorwaardelijke liefde is het eerste boek ter wereld waarin je ontdekt hoe je in een officiële liefdesrelatie komt met je tweelingziel.

Dit handboek helpt je om in onvoorwaardelijke liefde te komen met jezelf.
Zo word je een magneet voor je tweelingziel. Een tweelingziel is een persoon waarmee je op zielsniveau verbonden.

Wil je graag een voorproefje, lees alvast het eerste hoofdstuk ‘Balans’

Download Hoofdstuk 1 – Balans


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* English digital version of the Dutch handbook, containing 11 chapters (in PDF format)

Thousands of people in the Netherlands and Belgium now have the detailed course book in Dutch. Click here for the ???????? Dutch Hardcopy version! Dit boek hoor bij de cursus JAAR 1. This book is part of the COURSE YEAR 1: How to Unite with Your Twin Soul. The course is available in Dutch and in English. When you order the whole course, you receive the book or the digital version as your free gift.

‘How to Unite with Your Twin Soul’ is the world’s first course that shows you how to quickly and easily enter into an official love relationship with your twin soul. It helps you to love yourself unconditionally. You become a magnet for your twin soul.

The book includes 11 chapters that correspond to the modules of the year 1 course; from self-love to trust, and from balance to soul communication. Chapter 1 Balance, the table of contents, and the introduction are FREE to download through the free tools from Twin Soul School.

About the author:

This is Lorraine Vesterink’s tenth book. Bestselling author and relationship expert Lorraine Vesterink has been the twin soul expert since 2018. She has trained both nationally and internationally. She now inspires tens of thousands of people through her trainings and her popular YouTube kanaal.


“Like no one else, I know how tough the twin soul journey can be. I wouldn’t wish the ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ on anyone, but I do wish everyone could have the happy and harmonious relationship I now enjoy. I want to make the process more fun, faster, and easier for others than it was for us. That’s why I’ve written down all the knowledge that led to a relationship with my twin soul in this book. This is the book I wished I had after meeting my twin soul.”

Ursula Hess-Blaak (student YEAR 1, 2, and 3):

“Meeting my twin soul made me search for answers about why I felt so much for this man. In my search, I found a video on YouTube by Lorraine. It opened up a new world for me. My journey to my inner self had begun. Her positivity, straightforwardness, new lessons, and insights allowed me to embrace this unconditional love. We’ve gone through all the stages and now live our most beautiful life together! My life has become incredibly beautiful. I always thought I was born for misfortune, but now there is so much love, a happy marriage, unbandance and success for me. By focusing on our new selves, I no longer recognize my old life.”



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