12-12 Portal to union Meditation

Watch the 1,5 hour 12-12 EFT Portal Webinar/Meditation HERE! Sending you much love, Lorraine The 12-12 EFT webinar for Twin Soul Union – Releasing Blocks and Embracing Union State How wonderful to have you join us. Welcome to the transformative 12-12 EFT portal webinar for Twin Soul Union. Today, we’re letting go of any blocks […]

11-11 Full Meditation

I am so happy and proud to present to you the exclusive FULL 11-11 Meditation Click HERE to receive the FULL 11-11 Meditation and get in alignment and receive your desired bliss! 11-11 Meditation: Aligning with Unconditional Love and Divine Connection Here you can read all the 11 themes. They are the same themes as […]

10-10 portal webinar meditation

10-10 Powerful Portal Exercise: Closing Karmic Circles and Welcoming the New! Click HERE for the Powerful 10-10 Portal Webinar and do the exercise with us! Close Your Eyes: Find a serene, comfortable spot to sit or lie down. Close your eyes and take two deep breaths, centering yourself within your heart. Inhale love, exhale tension, […]

Ebook: How to unite with your twin soul


Congratulations on this wonderful content. If you’re ready to unite with your twin soul, this book is your invaluable reference work for the Course YEAR 1!Explore the truth to unconditional love with this course book that paves the way for a heartwarming journey of connection. With the complete guide to union, you’ll develop: The knowledge […]

Goals Challenge: Day 21

Supergaaf! Je hebt het gehaald: Doelen Challenge Dag 21! Dit is een hele mooie opdracht. Ik heb ‘m zelf 20 jaar geleden gemaakt en veel daarvan is veel eerder gebeurd dan gepland! Wat je schrijft komt uit! Noteer jouw CI (Curriculum Illusione) op het forum.