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10-10 Powerful Portal

(3 klantbeoordelingen)

 10,00 incl. btw

Get ready to be embraced by the transformative 10-10 portal.
!We’re absolutely thrilled to extend this heartfelt invitation to you.
It will give you exclusive access to the Powerful 10-10 Portal Recording.

? Heartfelt Transformations:
Our students has been immensely touched by the magic of this 10-10 portal Meditation.
Here’s what they’ve shared:

  • “The 10-10 Meditation exceeded my expectations! I felt a profound shift in my energy and clarity.”
  • “A truly magical experience. The 10-10 Portal brought immense positive changes into my life.”


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? Limited-Time Price:
Immerse yourself in the powerful 10-10 Portal Webinar Meditation for just € 10.
This offer is our way of ensuring that this transformative journey is accessible to all.

What Awaits You:

? Powerful 10-10 Portal Recording:
Immerse yourself in the soothing webinar.
Gentle guidance will lead you through the transformative energies of the 10-10 Portal.
You will end Karmic cycles and open new loving cycles in all areas of your life!

? Exercises: Gain access to all the exercises meticulously transcribed for your convenience.
The instructions are provided both in English and Dutch, ensuring clarity and accessibility for everyone.

Don’t let this moment pass by without embracing the magic that awaits you.
Add this 10-10 Portal to your shop.
Join us on this soft and loving journey now!

*Twinsoul.app members join this 10-10 portal, the 11-11 portal and the 12-12 portal for free!

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3 beoordelingen voor 10-10 Powerful Portal

  1. Nederlands

    Lorraine Vesterink

    Dear Lorraine:

    “I followed the 10-10 portal and released 10 old karmic cycles! Following that, I opened 10 new cycles.
    Since then, remarkable manifestations have unfolded:
    a new job, initiation of my soul mission, and heartfelt messages from my Twin Flame, all following a period of lots of discussions and no contact.”

    Twin soul app member

  2. Nederlands

    Lorraine Vesterink

    Dear Lorraine:
    “My inner journey after the 10-10 meditation has been turbulent. The affirmations emphasize more trust and calmness.
    Our connection is growing now, symbolized by this ring that I desired and suddenly found for €69—our number!
    The inscription inside the ring was in Italian: ‘I feel you,’ with the initial letter of the name of my Twin Soul behind it. I feel amazingly grateful”

    Member Twin Soul App

  3. Nederlands

    Lorraine Vesterink

    Dear Lorraine:
    “Thanks to the transformative journey through the 10-10 portal webinar meditation, where we opened the 10 new doors and embraced our soul mission, I have experienced remarkable changes. Within just two months, I noticed significant progress in my connection with my Twin Flame. In July, I was almost blocked, and he seemed to be pushing me away. After 10-10, I gradually experienced a renewed closeness. First an X, last week another X, and today even a heart (which was a long time coming). He has also become unexpectedly caring and loving towards me. I am incredibly grateful and joyful for these positive shifts in my life. The 11-day Challenge Affirmations have truly worked wonders as well. Highly recommended for anyone seeking deep connection and inner growth!”

    Twin soul app member

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